Glebe Annex Community Association Meeting of the Board of Directors – 15 May 2013

Present: Iain Wood, Sylvia Milne, Peggy Kampouris, David Perkins, Gina Smith, Mary McIninch, Chris McCann, Therese Crandall, Sue Stefko

The meeting was called to order at 7:13pm.


Sylvia Milne welcomed everyone to the third meeting of the Board of Directors of the Glebe Annex Community Association (GACA).

Approval of the agenda

There were no additions to the agenda.

Sylvia mentioned that the Glebe Report is looking for area captains for Lebreton St. South, Carling to Orangeville, Bell St. South from Powell to Orangeville and Plymouth St. from Lebreton S. to Bronson. If you know of anyone who is interested, please let us know via our GACA email address at This call for volunteers should be circulated to our wider membership. According to the Glebe Report, the volunteer work takes about an hour per month and involves delivering bundles of papers to approximately 15 families who will then distribute the papers.

Business arising from last minutes

Peggy Kampouris presented a large map of our area that will be laminated so that we can use it in a variety of ways at upcoming meetings. The Board thanked Darlene Charron and her friend Sam for producing the map.

Parks renewal

Sue Stefko briefed that the Dalhousie South Park is slated for renewal in 2017. Renewal means that the equipment is slated to be replaced. While the equipment will not necessarily replaced by the exact same structure, it should be replaced be an equivalent one. This work could perhaps be done in conjunction with funds from Taggart and Section 37.

Chris McCann moved that the minutes to approved; this motion was seconded by Iain Wood.

New Business

Crime in the area

Therese Crandall reported that her husband’s car had recently been vandalized and the garage door opener was stolen. This theft was not reported to the police. Peggy recommended that Therese report the theft so that the police are better able to track thefts in the area.

Action: Therese will report the theft to the police.

Mary McIninch said she had twice left her car unlocked for brief periods to drop groceries into the house. In both instances, someone had entered her car; things were stolen in one case and, in the other, the contents in her car were rummaged through.

Iain said he found a handbag, which was likely from the lady who had her car broken into while at the Tulip Festival last weekend. This theft was reported to the police.

Peggy mentioned the yellow laminated flyers from the police that say that all valuabes have been removed from the car. These are meant to act as a deterrent for criminals.

Action: Peggy will order more brochures for inclusion in the next Glebe Report when it is delivered in the neighbourhood.

Mary mentioned that there are suspicious ‘goings on’ in the neighbourhood, where people park for only a few minutes and go around the corner to Bronson, before leaving. She says this may be related to drug deals, and will continue to monitor this activity, taking down license plates and seeing if she can gain more information.

Peggy said that Constable Matt Hunt, our new police community rep, focuses on crime prevention programs. He may come to one of our meetings to give us recommendations on how to deal with some of these activities.

Clean-up campaign

Darlene Charron (who was unable to attend the meeting) had submitted a report on the neighbourhood clean-up campaign. Over a few hours, 20 volunteers collected 20 bags of garbage and 30 bags of leaves.

The Board offered a big “thank you” to the following volunteers: Joanne Benoit, Julie Stephens, Mary McIninch, Meho Terhatbagino, Darlene Charron, Melanie Cave (and her husband and daughter), Brandon Carey, Iain Wood (and his wife, son and daughter), Sylvia Milne, Lisa Furrie (and her husband and daughter), Brenda Quinlan, Sue Stefko and David Perkins, as well as Peggy Kampouris and Doug Milne who volunteered at the sign-in table.

Darlene identified a number of suggestions for next year’s campaign, as follows:

  • The clean-up should start and end at Dalhousie South Park. This would help increase the visibility of the clean-up and would mean that extra volunteers could help with the park clean-up (after they had finished their own areas).
  • Additional volunteers should be assigned to clean up Arthur Street, Plymouth Street and Bronson Avenue.
  • Tim Horton’s should be called much earlier in the spring to arrange for a donation of coffee.

Update on possible OMB appeal

The Board discussed the possibility of launching an OMB appeal.

Cash-in-lieu of parking

Cash in lieu of parking was discussed in a meeting of six community association presidents with Councillor David Chernuschenko. The Glebe has money set aside for an exploration garden. This is in Central Park East by the La Strada restaurant. Whatever money comes from cash-in-lieu of parking, 40% goes to the city to pay staff to work on parks and 60% goes to the ward. The remaining 20% is held back for people who need to work on the project. Heron Park is holding fundraisers because they want to create a community centre. Old Ottawa South wants a playground built in an existing park. A total of $304,206 is left in the Councillor’s current “stash”.

Action: Chris will do some research into what we can ask for and the rules surrounding this. He will coordinate our proposal. Sue will help Chris with information gleaned from the Glebe Parks Committee.


The GCA annual meeting on 11 June 11will address the issue of annexation. The Association will be incorporated under the GCA umbrella if the Board agrees to the annexation by the GCA. Insurance and volunteer association membership would be covered under this annexation. In return, the GCA has agreed, conceptually, to accept 20% of dues collected so that our Association could get on our feet and running. Chris proposed affiliation rather than annexation. The official paperwork in fact uses the term “subsidiary”. If, at some point, we are unable to field a board of directors, we could be incorporated into the GCA; however, it probably would not come to that. Our needs and philosophies are different, and it stands to reason that we remain separate. We are all invited to attend the 11June meeting, and are encouraged to do so.

Iain motioned and Therese seconded that the GACA be annexed to the GCA. This motion was approved unanimously.

Membership drive

Darlene, Brenda and Gina are all involved in the membership drive. A table will be set up during the Great Glebe Garage sale to launch the membership drive.

Action: David Perkins will look after membership cards. David is also working on a logo for the Association.

Ottawa Real Estate Board

Sylvia wrote a letter going out to the Ottawa Real Estate Board asking to add the Glebe Annex to the real estate map instead of having the area called “Centertown West.” The board refused the request. Sylvia then followed up with another letter with signatures from David Chernuschenko, Yasir Naqvi and presidents of the surrounding community associations.

Next Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for 19 June at 7pm in the Craft Room at the Glebe Community Centre. The OMB appeal will be discussed at this meeting.

Peggy made a motion to give the executive the ability to make decisions on behalf of GACA over the course of the summer — between the last meeting in June and the next board meeting in September. The motion was seconded by Mary.


The meeting adjourned at 8:10pm. Most directors then attended the FCA meeting.

Glebe Annex Community Association Meeting of the Board of Directors – 29 April 2013

Present: Darlene Charron, Iain Wood, Sylvia Milne, Peggy Kampouris, David Perkins, Melanie Cave, Lisa Furrie

The meeting was called to order at 7:03pm.


Sylvia Milne welcomed everyone to the second meeting of the Board of Directors of the Glebe Annex Community Association (GACA). She told the group that Susan Harris has resigned from the Board of Directors. She added that Brenda Quinlan has offered to help Gina Clark and Darlene Charron with the membership drive.

Approval of the Agenda

There were no additions to the agenda.

New Business

Sylvia said she added a discussion of the annexation of GACA to the Glebe Community Association (GCA). The GCA is holding their AGM on 11 June and the potential annexation of GACA will be on the agenda. GACA needs to have a position on this potential annexation.

Approval of Minutes from 20 March 2013

Peggy Kampouris moved to adopt the minutes from 20 March; this was seconded by Darlene Charron. The motion was adopted.

Business Arising from the Minutes

There was no business arising from the 20 March minutes.

City Clean-Up

Darlene proposed that the volunteers meet in the parking lot of 265 Carling at 10am on Saturday, 11 May for the community clean-up. She said she would ask the local Tim Horton’s if they would provide coffee. She recommended that everyone bring heavy-duty rubber gloves to the clean-up; the gloves provided by the City are not thick enough. Responding to a question about what we would do with the garbage that is collected, Darlene said she is willing to dispose of the garbage if it is brought to her house. It was suggested that those in attendance could all take some of the garbage home with them.

She suggested that volunteers should either wear green or safety vests (which Darlene can provide). That way volunteers will be easily recognizable and could answer questions about GACA.

Action: Darlene will provide Lisa Furrie with information about the clean-up to send out to GACA membership. Following the event, Lisa will send out a thank you, mentioning the individuals who participated.

Responding to a question about graffiti in the neighbourhood, Peggy said that murals are a great way to stop graffiti. She said she will suggest this to the owners of the Vac Shack — a frequent target of graffiti.


Lisa said that it is important that GACA is strategic in its dealings with the media. Press releases should highlight key messages and should be available on the Association website.

Action: Lisa will develop and distribute a template that can be used for press releases.

Communications/Website Utilization/What’s New?/Newsletter

Iain Wood said it is important to develop a communications piece that highlights “our story so far.” It will be crucial to make it clear that the community is not anti-development. This “story” could be housed on the website. This would make it easier for media to get the information that they need regarding the history of the Association. David Perkins concurred, adding that the information that is currently on the website could be adjusted as necessary and new information added. For example, information about the clean-up day could be on the website.

Action: Iain will begin to develop some communications materials.

Action: David said that he will make any requested changes to the website. He will also provide Iain and Lisa with log-in information for the GACA Twitter account.

Sylvia said that EMC is keen to attend GACA Board of Directors meetings. Iain said that information about upcoming meeting dates could be on the website. The website is also a crucial tool for the membership drive.

Committee Activation/Volunteers

There is a need for the Membership Committee to begin thinking about its membership campaign. Sylvia said that Doug Milne is interested in setting up a book sale table — either on the clean-up day or during the Great Glebe Garage Sale — where there could also be information about the Association. At this point in time, the fee for membership will be voluntary; however, it would be ideal if people were willing to spend $10/household for their membership.

Transportation/Bridges Project/Bronson Avenue Interchange

There is currently a long-term project to replace the bridges along the Queensway. An open house on 3 April provided information on the proposals for Bronson and Parkdale. Peggy said that the old school board building on Bronson will be torn down to make room for an expanded off ramp from the Queensway. The proposal is available on the city website. She said that some interesting recommendations were made regarding traffic calming on Chamberlain. There is another meeting scheduled for 22 May; Peggy will keep the Board updated as more information is made available. Responding to a question, Peggy said that her feeling was that the city did want to engage with the affected communities. This situation is quite unique, Peggy said, because the province is responsible for the Queensway while the city is responsible for the streets around the Queensway. This is an opportunity for dialogue.

Action: Peggy will explore the possibility of enlarging and laminating a map of the GACA area. (Update since the meeting: Darlene had a large-scale map printed and laminated. Peggy now is in possession of the map.)

Crime Prevention Conference Report

This was an interesting, although not well-attended, conference hosted by Crime Prevention Ottawa, Darlene said. Peggy added that there was an interesting presentation from Seattle-based Jim Diers about how community engagement can have an impact on community crime. More information about Jim Diers is available at More information about the conference is available at Peggy said that Saskatoon is a city that is held up as a model for community planning and consultation. The success in Saskatoon speaks to the need for there to be community space included in any new development, Iain said. He wondered if there were any currently unused community spaces that could be reconfigured for community use. Darlene asked if anyone had any information about the proposed changes to the Booth Street complex. David said that Sue Stefko had tried to get information on where things stood, sending emails to Michael Powell and Paul Dewar. Sylvia suggested that Diane Holmes would be a possible source of information. David said that there would be a point where the community can have input into the redevelopment process.

Update on FCA, Bank Account, Registration of Association, Treasurer

Sylvia said she is now the Chair of the Planning Coalition for the FCA. She said part of her role will be to assemble a list of experts who could help communities that are launching OMB appeals. She said this will help GACA if it proceeds with an OMB appeal regarding 265 Carling. She said FCA has asked that community associations to at least begin the OMB appeal process because this generates additional work for the city and is a way to register the general sense of displeasure with the City’s current planning process. Iain told the group that he should be receiving information from his Access to Information request to the city regarding 265 Carling.

Sylvia said that GACA has 20 days after the third reading at council to launch its appeal. This will likely mean late May/early June. The challenge is to get input from a retired planner and lawyer regarding how best to handle an OMB appeal. Launching the appeal is a relatively easy, low-cost proposition. After the appeal is launched, the Association can meet to decide if and how to proceed.

Sylvia said the Association now has a bank account, although hers is the only name on it until a Treasurer is named. She told the group that Chris McCann has offered to take on the role of Treasurer if someone else would agree to become Vice-President.


Sylvia said that she wondered if Sue knew anything about the Life-Cycle Renewal for Parks. She suggested that this is something that Sue to investigate further.

Action: Lisa will forward the names of individuals who have expressed interest in helping with the Parks and other subcommittees.

New Business – Annexation

Sylvia said that the Dow’s Lake Community Association is annexed to the Glebe Community Association. The idea behind annexation is that it gives smaller associations a stronger voice. As well, insurance for directors and GACA would be covered by the GCA. In return for annexation, the Glebe Community Association would take a portion of any membership fees collected.

Peggy said that it is important for GACA to keep its own identity. She said she is also concerned about the loss of membership fees.

Action: Sylvia will add a motion regarding annexation to the agenda for the next Board of Directors meeting.

Other Business

Peggy said that there is a website where individuals can get regular crime statistics and alerts tailored by neighbourhood.

Action: Peggy will provide the Board with the link to this website. A link can then be added to the website.

Next Meeting

The next Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, 15 May at 7pm in the Meeting Room at the Glebe Community Centre.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:03pm.

Message from Councillor David Chernushenko regarding interim freeze on zoning conversions

Dear community association presidents,

I am pleased to write with some surprise good news. After a flurry of discussion between me, Councillor Fleury, Planning Committee Chair Peter Hume and various city staff on the growing impacts of “conversion” projects, an emergency motion was brought forward and approved at today’s Planning Committee which effectively freezes conversions of a certain type in most of Capital Ward and in Sandy Hill for approx- 4-6 months.

The Interim Control Bylaw will go to Council tomorrow, where I expect it will receive quick passage. It has become clear that we needed to act as quickly and strongly as possible to restrict conversions during the period when the city is updating its zoning bylaws and completing its Mature Neighbourhoods Infill Study, otherwise most of the horses will have left the barn. This approach allows us to methodically do the necessary groundwork without the added pressure of seeing the loss column grow even more, before we can create a win column.

Alas, those projects which have already received building permits will not be affected. At this time, I can only hope that developers who wish to do more work in the neighbourhoods where they have permission to build, will see the value of consultation, responding to community concerns and making a range of design and site improvements.

I look forward to further discussion on this and other topics at our May 9 Ward Council meeting.

Best regards,

David Chernushenko
Councillor, Capital Ward / Conseiller, Quartier Capitale

Glebe Annex Community Association Meeting of the Board of Directors – 20 March 2013

Present: Chris McCann, Gina Clark, Peggy Kampouris, Mary McIninch, Iain Wood, Susan Harris, Sue Stefko, David Perkins, Melanie Cave, Sylvia Milne, Lisa Furrie, Darlene Charron

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm.


Sylvia Milne welcomed those in attendance to the first official meeting of the Glebe Annex Community Association Board of Directors. She informed the group that Helen Smith had to withdraw from the Board because of prior commitments.

Nominations and Votes for Board of Director Positions

The following positions on the Board of Directors have to be filled: President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Lisa Furrie called for nominations for President. Susan Harris nominated Sylvia Milne; the nomination was seconded by Mary McIninch. The motion was carried.

Sylvia called for nominations/volunteers for Vice-President. Sylvia nominated Chris McCann; the nomination was seconded by Iain Wood. The motion was carried.

Sylvia called for nominations/volunteers for Secretary. Lisa Furrie volunteered to fill this position and the motion was carried.

Sylvia Milne called for nominations/volunteers for Treasurer. Peggy Kampouris nominated Mary McIninch; however, Mary said that she did not want to sit on the Executive at this point in time. Iain Wood read the duties of the Treasurer as per the Association’s proposed Constitution. When no one came forward to fill the position, Iain asked if the Board could defer filling this position. Mary suggested that, in the interim, the Association could open a bank account.

Decision: The Board will defer filling the position of Treasurer.

Constitution: Review and Ratify

Iain told the group that he had prepared and circulated the draft Constitution for comments. The draft is fairly comprehensive, he said, particularly in terms of the Association’s finances. In general, it gives the Association a solid framework with which to move forward in the long term.

Sue Stefko moved that the Board accept the Constitution as circulated; Peggy seconded the motion. The draft was signed by the Executive and witnessed by Iain.

Action: Iain will provide David Perkins with a copy of the Constitution so that David can post it on the Association’s website.

Community Update: FCA

Sylvia explained that the Glebe Annex Community Association is now an official member of the Federation of Citizens’ Associations (FCA). At its monthly meetings, the FCA brings together representatives from community associations from across the region to discuss common issues and share solutions. The FCA asks that two representatives from each community association attend the meetings. It does not always have to be the same two representatives. Peggy said that she might be interested in attending some of the meetings.

Action: Sylvia will circulate information about the FCA to the Board.


Sylvia presented the Board with a list of possible committees. She explained that, generally, a member of the Board takes on the role of Chair of a committee. She asked if anyone was interested in chairing any of the committees. The following people expressed interest, as follows:

  • Membership: Susan Harris, Gina, Darlene Charron
  • Planning and Development: all Directors
  • Communication: David Perkins, Iain Wood, Lisa Furrie
  • Traffic/Security/Transit: Peggy Kampouris (with a focus on security)
  • Parks/Green Space/Beautification/Recreation: Sue Stefko (with a focus on parks)
  • Social: Gina

Peggy said that she sees a lot of connections between the various committees. For instance, the Association email list could be used to send out crime statistics to those who are interested or to advertise free home security evaluations.

Action: Lisa Furrie will include a notice in the email to the general memberships that will accompany the minutes that we are looking for volunteers for the various committees. Lisa will also include a notice in the email that Sue, on behalf of the Bytowne Urban Gardens, asked that anyone who is interested in having a food garden plot in Glebe Memorial Park contact her directly at

Community Update: Planning Committee

Sylvia told the group about the results of recent meetings with the developer for 265 Carling (Taggart). While issues related to height and density were not on the table, discussions were held around the proposed sites of the entrances/exits and lobby. No final decisions have been made on these issues. She told the group that a final meeting with the developer, city planner and David Chernushenko was scheduled for Friday 22 March in advance of the Tuesday 26 March Planning Committee meeting.

Sylvia said that part of the plan for that Friday meeting was to question the due diligence on the part of the city planner.

The Board discussed the fact that the entire city planning process is broken. Sylvia said that the city is holding a series of meetings on public participation. She urged the Board members to register to attend one of those meetings.

Action: Lisa will send a short email to the Association general membership urging them to write to all City Councillors detailing their concerns about the proposed development. The email will also inform members that they have to register in advance if they want to speak at the 26 March Planning Committee meeting.

Sylvia read the group two letters that she has written and that she will send to all City Councillors following her meeting at City Hall on Friday. She will also send the letter to a number of reporters who have been reporting on this and other proposed developments.

Iain said that he will be speaking at the Planning Committee meeting on the 26th. While he will make it clear that he is pro-intensification, he said he will vent about the fact that our area is not zoned for this level of intensification. Sylvia said that Robert Bell is going to speak at the meeting about the fact that the planning process is broken. Sylvia said that she is also going to speak at the meeting. Peggy Kampouris said that she is not able to attend the meeting but would be willing to draft a presentation about traffic issues as a result of the proposal if someone else would be willing to present it that the meeting.

New Business


Next Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for 1 May at 7 pm. The location will be determined.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm.

Report to Planning Committee Regarding Taggart Proposal D02-02-12-0039

Councillor Peter Hume, Mayor Jim Watson and other members of the Planning Committee: The Glebe Annex Community Association appreciates the opportunity to present its community concerns and, in particular, those concerns related to the Taggart Proposal regarding the property on Carling/ Cambridge/ Clemow. Primarily in response to this development proposal, we have formed our association and mobilized since December 2012. For providing the incentive to do this, we owe thanks to the Taggart Group.

As the Glebe Annex Community Association (GACA), we represent the interests of the community north from Carling Avenue to the Queensway (Highway 417) and west from Bronson Avenue to Lebreton St South. The community has significant issues with the proposed development e.g. zoning, traffic, safety, green space.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of both the Dow’s Lake Residents Association and the Glebe Community Association. Surveys of residents conducted by these two associations, and made available to Mr. Douglas James, are consistent with the positions taken in this paper.

Description of Surroundings

Currently, the subject property is occupied by 65 surface parking spaces. An 8 storey office building (265 Carling) serviced by 36 underground parking spaces is adjacent to it. The existing zoning for the lots, on which the development is proposed, is residential 4-storey R4T[1536] on the lot facing Clemow and mixed use, 9-storey AM H(28) on the lot facing Carling and Cambridge. This is situated in a residential neighbourhood primarily of single family detached and attached homes and low-rise (4 to 7 storeys) multi-unit residential buildings.

Development Proposal

The proposal for the subject property contains several elements that are contrary to the existing character of the neighbourhood:

  1. reduce the sun exposure due to a high rise building that is at least 200% higher than anything in the area
  2. eliminate the current surface parking provisions available to everyone and add underground parking spaces (Within the community this is a net increase of 55 parking spaces to be shared by new residents, their visitors, new businesses, their employees, customers and suppliers.)
  3. add considerably to traffic on residential streets due to more residents, more businesses and less parking to accommodate these people and their visitors
  4. reduce the landscaping from the existing requirement to virtually zero landscaping in front of the sidewalk
  5. reduce the existing on-street parking to accommodate the ramp to the new building
  6. increase pressures for on-street parking on Clemow, Cambridge, MacLean Street and Bell Street South due to the provision of insufficient parking to accommodate the proposed building

Neither within the community nor in the development proposal, is there any provision for a community centre, nor provision for parks and green space. Bus routes in this area have been recently reduced and the long-promised LRT is almost one kilometre away from this development. The development proposal does not enhance the existing character of the area.

In terms of mass, bulk and height, the proposed zoning changes effectively permit a building that would have more than 3 times the area currently allowed on such a small property. This would be achieved by increasing the height, proposing that much of the tower would be on property currently zoned for 4 storeys and reducing setbacks to the North and West. The result would be that the density proposed exceeds that of neighbouring properties by a large factor. We strongly recommend that the existing zoning and building height limits be respected.

We suggest that these concerns be addressed by respecting the existing zoning of 4 storey and 9 storey, respecting the existing guidelines of parking space per area of living space and maintaining existing setback guidelines. The community does not support the development as presented, but may be willing to accept a development that is within the current 4 storey and 9 storey height limits and does not ask for concessions from the current zoning.

Concluding Remarks

Chair Peter Hume, Mayor Jim Watson, other Councillors of the Planning Committee:

We are asking that this application be rejected until such time as the revision of the Existing Official Plan can be completed and that this spot-zoning be stopped.

Your decision on this proposal before you is an important one. It will determine your legacy for the City of Ottawa, and your credibility as effective representatives of the citizens of the City of Ottawa.

Glebe Annex Community Association
21 March 2013

Minutes of the Meeting of the Glebe Annex Community Association – Wednesday 6 February 2013

Welcome and Introductions

Chair, Doug Milne, called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm.

Sylvia Milne welcomed everyone to the first official meeting of the newly formed, as-yet-to-be-named Community Association. “After tonight,” Sylvia said, we will have an official, collective voice at City Hall.”

She called upon a few participants to introduce themselves and to speak briefly about why they got involved with the Community Association.

Sue Stefko said her initial involvement in community activities came via a study about park space. She said she hoped she could find other people who are interested in improving the limited park space available in the area. She added that it will be important to ensure that there is park space included in any plans to redevelop the Booth Street complex.

Peggy Kampouris told the group about the Dalhousie South traffic study that was completed a number of years ago. She said that it was difficult to contribute fully to that study without an official Community Association. Increased development in our area will result in increased traffic issues.

Mary McIninch said she has no objections to infill or intensification per se; however, she does have objections to poor plans and style.

Iain Wood told the group that he had drafted a constitution for the Community Association. Going forward, decisions will have to be made regarding a number of issues, including membership fees (he proposed a $10 voluntary membership fee for the first year) and the scheduling of the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

David Perkins said that, like Peggy, he feels that traffic is a big issue in the area. He said he will be spearheading the development of an Association website.

Both Chris McCann and Brenda Quinlan said they were concerned about the proposed development in the community and the potential impact on traffic and parking. Brenda added that she was pleased that the Association had been formed because it offered a way for neighbours to meet and work together.

Lisa Furrie said she is raising a young daughter in the area and wants to do everything she can to make it as livable and safe as possible. The Association will give the community a strong voice in deciding how our neighbourhood changes going forward.

Councillor David Chernushenko

David Chernushenko told the group that they had surpassed his most optimistic expectations regarding both the quantity and quality of the people assembled and their interest and commitment. Ultimately, he said, this type of Association is about finding out how neighbours can work together to find common ground to improve their community. He said that the Association’s focus should be on determining a vision of where the community wants to go in the future, not just on intervening to stop proposals. The latter can be easily dismissed as a NIMBY attitude.

“This is a moment of big changes in the city,” Councillor Chernushenko said, with the launch of the proposed plan for the city (“Livable Ottawa 2031”). He told the group that this document underscores a shift in thinking on the part of the city, one that acknowledges that city growth is not about sprawling outwards, but rather about filling in gaps and building up. That is not necessarily a bad thing if the city develops and enforces rules to ensure that there are benefits (e.g. green space, improved transportation) accrued from the intensification.

Turning his attention to Bronson Avenue, Councillor Chernushenko stated that while Bronson will have to continue to carry a large volume of traffic, it does not have to do this as a high-speed and sterile corridor. Bronson should ultimately become an avenue where people would want to walk and establish businesses.

Councillor Chernushenko told the group that he would not be supporting the Taggart development proposal at the upcoming planning committee meeting. He read the statement that he will make at the meeting. His is only one voice, he said. Strength will come from working together. He said that he looks forward to working with the Community Association on this and many other issues.

Member of Provincial Parliament for Ottawa Centre, Yasir Naqvi

MPP Yasir Naqvi said that he works closely with Councillor Chernushenko’s office on behalf of the area. While the province is a bit removed from the day-to-day issues at the city level, there are ways that he can work with Associations to make a difference at the community level. He said that he and his office are at the Association’s disposal to offer information and other resources.

Naming the Community Association

Sue Stefko went through the list of potential names for the Community Association. These were the names that initially came to mind, she said. They are as follows:

  • Dalhousie South: this was the traditional name for our neighbourhood when it was still part of the Dalhousie Ward
  • Glebe Annex: an invention of real estate agents, this is the name that is most commonly used when referring to our neighbourhood
  • Glebe West: similar to Glebe Annex
  • The Annex: this refers to the fact that we are near to many neighbourhoods but that we are unique

A participant suggested Carling/Bronson Community Association as another possible name.

Ballots were distributed and collected at the end of the meeting. Once the ballots were counted, the Association became known as the Glebe Annex Community Association.

Electing Association Board Members

Doug Milne told the group that, ideally, there would be between 12 and 15 people on the Community Association Board. Sylvia Milne added that there would be 4 people on the Executive; the others would be sub-committee chairs and/or street representatives.

The following individuals volunteered to be part of the Community Association Board of Directors:

  • Sylvia Milne
  • Peggy Kampouris
  • Chris McCann
  • Brenda Quinlan
  • Sue Stefko
  • Mary McIninch
  • Lisa Furrie
  • David Perkins
  • Iain Wood
  • Helen Smith
  • Susan Harris
  • Darlene Charron
  • Gina Clark
  • Melanie Cave
  • Therese Crandall

A motion was put forward that these individuals would make up the first Board of Directors for the Community Association. This motion was seconded and carried.

Update on Proposed Development

Robert Bell told the group about the work that he has done regarding development issues in the Dow’s Lake area. He mentioned that he has worked closely with Councillor Chernushenko and added that the Councillor is very strong and unafraid to say what he believes to be right. Bell’s initial work was with the Samcon development proposal. Once a compromise was found for that development, the Taggart development was proposed for the corner of Carling and Bronson. He said that initial meetings with Taggart representatives were frustrating. Their proposal is for an 18-storey building and 4-storey townhomes. The site is zoned for 9 and 4 storeys. Robert said that he does not know what recommendation the city will put forward at the upcoming Planning Committee meeting; however, he was heartened by the Committee Chair’s initial negative reaction to the plan. The city’s recommendation regarding this development proposal will be available one week prior to the Planning Committee meeting (26 February). Robert proposed that the Association Board of Directors meet once the recommendation is released to come up with a plan for how best to respond at the Planning Committee meeting.

Responding to a question about how Taggart can propose a development that is so far removed from the official zoning for the site, Robert said that developers are free to propose anything they want. However, it is up to the city to consider those proposals within the existing rules. He added that the zoning for this particular property is current.

To be most effective at the Planning Committee meeting, Robert suggested that different individuals speak about their objections to the proposal from a number of different perspectives.

He added that if the city were to accept the development proposal, the community could request an independent review of the proposal. The city would pay for this review.


Sylvia thanked everyone for attending the meeting and for their continued interest in the Community Association.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 pm.