GACA Board Meeting – January 18, 2017

Executive Meeting – Wednesday, January 18, 2017 at 6:30 PM

Glebe Community Centre Meeting Room

Call to Order – 6:30 PM

Present: Scott Blurton, Darlene Charron, Chris McCann, Sue Stefko, Peggy Kampouris, Larissa Volinets Schieven

Amendments/Approval of Agenda

  • Peggy moved to approve the Agenda. Darlene seconded the motion. Agenda adopted.

Amendments/Acceptance of Minutes of Last Meeting (November 16, 2016)

  • A number of changes were suggested. Minutes to be adjusted accordingly.
  • Action: Minutes to be sent out in draft with amendments. Defer approval of minutes.

Business Arising from Minutes from November 16, 2016

  • Scott sent an email blast to members with information on development proposals.
  • Responses forwarded to Sue for review and reply.
  • Letter drafted by Sylvie regarding 265 Carling sent to GACA members.
  • Action: Peggy submitted crime statistics. To follow up.
  • Action: Brenda Quinlan will provide names of previous membership canvassers.
  • Action: To confirm email addresses of those that are bouncing back.

Parks – Sue Stefko

  • Bell St. Park (near apartment building nearest to Carling)
    • Sue sent letter to MP Catherine McKenna’s office. Response indicated only that email would be passed on to PSPC.
    • Meeting request but no response yet.
  • Dalhousie South Park
    • Waiting to see whether on 2018 park improvement plan. Initially slated for 2017, then dropped to 2018. Awaiting update.
    • Sue provided a lengthy message on what can be done. No reply received.
    • Intention to seek other grants to complement renewal funds, as renewal funds will not suffice.
    • Park planner indicated she would assist to draw up designs once funding determined.

Treasurer’s Report – Chris McCann

  • BF from previous meeting to transfer account from RBC to Your Credit Union.
  • Motion put forward by Scott to transfer funds in GACA account from RBC to Your Credit Union at earliest convenience. Darlene seconded the motion. Motion carried.
  • Action: Chris to draft letter and documentation to credit union. Set meeting with four signing authorities (proposed: treasurer, secretary, past president, president).
  • Bank balance: $668 operating revenue

Planning – Chris McCann, Sue Stefko

  • 265 Carling
    • No update.
    • Meeting set 2-3 times with Chris. Each time, Taggart representative unavailable.
    • No meeting held yet.
    • Proposed meeting objective:
      • Discuss GACA position paper re: proposed development.
    • Scheduled for January 31, 2017. Chris to attend with Glebe Community Association Caroline McKenzie.
  • 289 Carling
    • Sue sent update received from City planner to neighbours.
      • City applied but Feds not in financial position to commit this year.
    • No further update.
    • 1-2 people indicated interest in following developments.
    • Feds must pay themselves what it’s worth. Internal transfer of money to Canada Lands for actual value of property to be able to give it to City.
    • Won’t happen in 2016 fiscal year – financial considerations
      • To March 31, 2017 (fiscal year 2017 ends)
    • Land not transferred until earliest 2018.
    • City said until actively considered, comments will be parked.
    • Write in later when consideration is actually given.
    • ATIP for some departments in City and ESDC to cross-reference information from City with discussions.
      • Extensions on both.
    • Now indicating smaller number of units (initially 45 units).
  • Textbook Suites
    • Reported in news. Sent by neighbours.
  • Booth St Complex
    • Email about information meeting January 24, 2017, at St. Anthony’s banquet hall.
    • To discuss development of lands at Boot St Complex.

Security – Peggy Kampouris

  • Henry Street
    • Ongoing issues in 24 and 26 Henry Street at LeBreton.
    • Left unit in block of three owned by another owner. 24 and 26, as well as 331A LeBreton all owned by same individual (landlord).
    • Neighbours have reported concerns with tenants e.g. garbage, property standards, fights, short-term traffic, broken window, house full of people, etc.
    • Meeting with Community Policing Officer, brought photos etc. Const. Dawn Neilly also on legal rooming house committee. Confirmed the property is not a legal rooming house.
    • By-law contacted. Owner fined $250 for garbage and additional $2,400.
      • Garbage strewn across property when most troublesome individual moving out.
    • Police keeping an eye on property.
    • Ottawa Booth services van seen. Confirmed that housing team that find homes for homeless individuals placing people there.
  • Discussions with Const. Neilly
    • Emphasis on mobilizing people to report crimes. Only one call for Police for the Booth St. address. Point of reporting is to track crime statistics for police resources.
    • 25 attempted break-in at Peggy’s home. Third time that year.
    • Key is for neighbours to report even attempted crimes and any suspicious activities.
  • Changes to community policing
    • New officer assigned. Glebe Annex amalgamated into Centretown area.
    • To set up meeting with new officer to meet and introduce to neighbourhood safety and security concerns.
  • Engagement in community
    • Neighbourhood watch.
    • Call and report.
    • Police assign resources based on calls for service.
    • Assign resources.
    • Plan meeting to engage neighbours in efforts.
    • Send out note to members providing information about free home security inspection, statistics on crime, suggestions, and reinforce needs for reporting.
  • Elgin St. Redevelopment
    • Bigger sidewalks, no bike lanes, less parking.

Roads and Safety – Darlene Charron

  • Darlene made call to 311 re: bus route 6 on Glebe Ave.
  • Bus could barely make it up the street. Too narrow with parked.
  • Driver indicated he would refuse if not cleared. Drivers are permitted to refuse to drive for safety reasons.
  • Bell St. S. emergency route not cleared.
    • 311 contacted re: failure to clear.

Membership – Scott Blurton

  • Brenda Quinlan will continue administrative of membership.
  • Action: Organize and schedule membership blitz.
  • Proposed to tie this to meeting on safety/security.
  • Scott will coordinate canvassing efforts.

FCA Report – Scott Blurton

  • Current meeting simultaneously with GACA meeting.
  • R4 recommendation distributed.
    • Changing zoning, coach houses.
  • Community Social Services and Partnerships Survey
    • Sent to all members to be completed as desired.

Glebe Report – Sue Stefko

  • Nothing to report.
  • Scott to complete this month’s submission.
    • Include plan for community meeting with community police officer.
    • Information on new community officer.

Next Meeting – February 15, 2017, at 6:30 PM.


  • Motion to adjourn put forward by Chris McCann. Seconded by Sue Stefko. Motion carried.
  • Meeting adjourned at 8:20 PM.