GACA Board Meeting – May 17, 2017

Glebe Community Centre Meeting Room
Call to Order – 6:35 PM
Present: Scott Blurton, Chris McCann, Larissa Volinets Schieven, Heidi, Cathy Woodgold, Darlene Charron

Amendments/Approval of Agenda

  • Amendment to agenda: Darlene. Chris. Moved
  • Agenda: Darlene. Chris. Moved

Amendments/Acceptance of Minutes of Last Meeting (April 19, 2017)

  • One change. Approved as amended. Scott. Larissa. Moved.

Business Arising from Minutes from April 19, 2017

  • None


  • Cleaning the Capital – great success
  • Scott sent out email and posted to website
  • Scott will send personal email to participants
  • Darlene’s concern: “Since some volunteers come for the first part of the 2-hour cleaning session, ensure all volunteers who wish to be part of the draws
  • have handed in a ballot with their name and phone number. The Draw would take place at the end of the cleaning event.”
  • Suggested: Draw with prize specified for next year
  • Thank you to BCU – certificate template to be provided

Movie in the Park

  • Planning a film in the park
  • Cost: $200 to hire Morris to set up to project movie
  • Motion: Hire Morris Rothman to set up movie night, at cost of $200
    • Scott. Darlene. Moved
  • For Saturday September 9, 2017
  • Movie suggestions per motion attached
  • Action item: Scott to ask members about movie choice

Treasurer’s Report

  • No change from last month – $633 operating fund
  • Currently banking with RBC – considering moving to Your Credit Union or BCU
    • RBC: No one-time fee; 4$ per month; $91 for 50 cheques
    • YCU: 5$ one-time fee; no monthly fee (10 transactions per month); $46 for 50 cheques
    • BCU: $100 one-time; no monthly fee (15 transactions per month); $75 for 50 cheques
      • Community involvement demonstrated
  • YCU most favourable on fees, cost, etc.
  • BCU favourable for community involvement, spirit, etc.
  • To provide information to members and seek vote on financial institution


  • 265 Carling
    • OMB appeal – trying to get early October based on availability
    • Will begin fundraising, witness prep, etc.


  • Contacted community safety officer to discuss plan for meeting
  • Highlight: specific crime trends in neighbourhood and crime prevention
  • Public meeting with community policy officer to meet residents, provide information, fraud, etc.

289 Carling

  • Contact person is Krista Durie – 613-998-7970,
  • Informed that cleaning to happen – Darlene then followed up on timeline
  • Clean up conducted yesterday afternoon
  • Action item: area with picnic benches?


  • Drive going well
  • Continuing forward
  • Should be complete in next month or so

Whole Food community partnership

  • To confirm whether required to be charity or non-profit

Glebe Report

  • June deadline contribution: May 26
  • June contribution re: community clean up with photos
  • Announce movie night
  • Membership campaign underway

Other Business

  • None

Next Meeting

  • June 21, 2017, at 6:30 pm.


  • 8:00 pm
  • Scott. Chris. Motion passed