GACA Board Meeting – April 19, 2017

Glebe Community Centre Meeting Room
Call to Order – 6:40 PM
Present: Scott Blurton, Chris McCann, Larissa Volinets Schieven, Sylvia Milne

Amendments/Approval of Agenda

  • Darlene moved. Sylvia seconded. Approved.

Amendments/Acceptance of Minutes of Last Meeting (March 15, 2017)

  • Sylvia moved. Larissa seconded. Approved.

Business Arising from Minutes from March 15, 2017

  • None


Summer event

  • Movie night
  • People liked the older movie (public domain)
  • About $200 for movie estimated
    • Keep cost down by public domain
  • Date: September 8, 2017 tentative

Cleaning the Capital

  • Rain date: May 6, 2017
  • Sue is working on posters
  • Scott to send out to members and to website
  • Sylvia would like 4 posters; Larissa would like 1 poster for BCU
  • To be posted in shops: Abbas, McDonald’s, Tim Hortons, Rogers, VacShack, Glebe High School, Hogan

Treasurer’s Report – Chris McCann

  • No change from last month except for $10 increase for membership sale

Planning – Chris McCann/Sylvia Milne/Scott Blurton

  • 265 Carling
    • Gone to OMB
    • Application approved, zoning changed
    • We had opportunity to appeal zoning decision for 20 storeys (per application)
    • GACA sent in notice of intent to appeal to OMB
    • OMB replied – reviewed file and prepared to proceed with appeal
    • Taggart hired lawyer, asking us who is point person/file lead
      • Contact is Scott, but intent was Carolyn – clarify since Carolyn absent
    • Have requested mediation as first step – OMB notice says if you wish to appeal, notify us
    • Mediation can only happen if both parties agree
    • Planning committee to meet to clarify next steps and timing
    • Taggart said they would get back with some questions e.g. egress, etc.
      • Keith Taggart away – who to contact in the meantime?
    • Fundraising campaign to commence – crowd funding campaign
    • To send out information to members on plan and progress
  • 289 Carling
    • 0$ in federal budget for housing
  • 890/900 Bank (Beer store)
    • 8 storeys – passed
    • City recommended to approve
  • Old LCBO – Boston Pizza

Security – Peggy Kampouris

  • Peggy to follow up with Community Police Officer to set up meeting


  • Date: May is membership month
  • Pick up kits Sunday and drop following Sunday
  • Start May 7 for two weeks
  • Scott has started assembling kits – 11 kits
  • Post cards ordered and buttons
  • Script and survey to be settled

GCA Dues

  • Looking to organize membership drive
  • Currently pay 2$ from each GACA membership to GCA
  • GCA wants meeting to discuss membership drive
  • Sylvia: When GACA set up, met with GCA to discuss how to work as annexed to them
    • Copy of their constitution and we have our own
    • In their constitution, they would charge membership to people around them
    • Since new association, not asked for half of membership so agreed on 2$
    • If GCA wants GACA households as actual members, then truly integrate
  • Motion: Scott: To advise GCA to stay at $2 per household member and not sharing GACA membership list with them, messages to be distributed by GACA (website/email)
    • Sylvia moved. Darlene seconded. Approved.

Welcoming Ottawa Week

  • Consider whether to participate?
  • Thank you for thinking of us.

FCA Report – Scott Blurton

  • Motion to pay membership fees to FCA, in the amount of $30 (per agenda attachment)
    • Chris moved. Syliva seconded. Approved.
  • FCA likely to return to changing days of week, rather than set day
  • Consider scheduling of GACA meetings 2017-2018
    • Stay at third Wednesday of month – Scott to book
    • Plus AGM in November 8, 2017 – Scott to book if available in all purpose room

Glebe Report – Scott Blurton

  • No contribution for May
  • Membership drive was included in April

Other Business

  • Planning notifications came in for Sylvia
    • Notice for change on Broadway
    • Imperial Ave changes
  • Booth St. meeting – Wednesday April 26
  • Whole Foods Community Giving Days – to inquire

Next Meeting

  • May 17, 2017, at 6:30 PM.


  • Motion to adjourn put forward by Chris. Seconded by Sylvia. Motion carried.
  • Meeting adjourned

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