Community update: Housing for Homelessness, Park Renewal, Pedestrian advance crossing, 291 Carling

Housing for Homelessness Request for Proposal Launched

Some may have noticed more activity than normal at 289 Carling Ave. The City of Ottawa has told us that the Request for Proposal (RFP) for the Housing for Homelessness at 289 Carling went out in July. The RFP calls for between 40 and 60 units, aimed at one or more of these provincial priority homelessness categories:

  • Chronic homelessness
  • Youth homelessness
  • Indigenous homelessness; and,
  • Homelessness following transitions from provincially-funded institutions and service systems (e.g., hospitals and prisons)

The RFP closes on October 10th, and the proponent will be selected by November of this year. Construction is expected to start in May 2019, taking approximately two years to complete. We will keep you in the loop as we find out more.

Dalhousie South Park Renewal

We are happy to see construction on the park, which started earlier than we had expected, although were disappointed that work paused partway through the project. We were told that this was partly to correct a planning issue that had arisen – originally the new gazebo was supposed to be at the edge of the park, partly inside and partly outside the park boundaries. This is apparently not allowed in code, so the design had to change to accommodate. The new gazebo will be entirely within the park perimeter.

Work has restarted, and is progressing at a good pace. It is exciting to see the park take shape! We still don’t know when the park will re-open, however. We regret the loss of the park for so much of the summer season, but hope that the upgrade and new equipment will make up for it over time. We will keep you apprised as we know more about the completion date, and the ability to use our park again!

Pedestrian advance crossing at Bronson and Powell

In response to a Glebe resident’s concerns, an ‘advance’ pedestrian crossing is now in place at Bronson and Powell, giving pedestrians additional time to cross the street before vehicles get the green light.

We have heard from some of you who are pleased – we would appreciate feedback on this intersection or any others in our neighbourhood that may cause concern. This change is proof that even one person can make a difference!

291 Carling Avenue

Please see our update on our website and at the Glebe Report, which provides information about community consultations earlier this summer on the empty parking lot at 291 Carling, between Bell St South and Lebreton St South:

Canada Lands Company is taking comments and feedback on the site until September 15th.