Bus schedules after the Phase 1 LRT Launch

As we prepare for the LRT’s launch on the afternoon of September 14th, OC Transpo has updated its website to help Ottawa residents prepare for the change, including providing information on hours of operation, how to pay, etc: https://www.octranspo.com/en/news/article/welcome-aboard.

All bus routes will remain as is until October 6th, at which point a number of routes will be amended: https://www.octranspo.com/en/news/article/whats-changing-oct-6.

For our neighbourhood, some of the changes include:

Route 10: Going towards downtown, it will stop at Lyon Station instead of continuing to the Rideau Centre. Going away from downtown, the route will be extended. Instead of stopping at Carleton University, it will be combined with Route 104 and extended to Hurdman Station.

Route 14: Going east, there will be no change – it will still go through downtown to St. Laurent Station. Going west, it will end at Tunney’s Pasture Station (no longer going through Carlington – which will become Route 53).

Route 85: Going towards downtown, it will stop at Pimisi Station and then go to Gatineau (no longer going downtown). Going west, it will still go to Bayshore Station.

Route 101: Will be renumbered as Route 55. Going east, it will no longer go to Hurdman or St-Laurent Stations, but will go to Lees, and continue to the Ottawa Hospital General Campus and Elmvale. Going west, it will no longer go to Moodie, but will stop at Bayshore Station.

Route 103: Will no longer exist. Will be replaced by route 55.

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