GACA Board Meeting – September 17, 2019

Minutes, Glebe Annex Community Association Executive Meeting – Tuesday, September 17th, 7:00 p.m.
Location: Glebe Community Centre, 175 Third Ave, Meeting Room


  • Carrie Bolton
  • David Perkins
  • Sue Stefko
  • Gabrielle Dallaporta
  • Peggy Kampouris
  • Jonathan McLeod (Assistant, Office of Shawn Menard, City Councillor, Capital Ward)

1. Call to Order

  • The meeting was called to order at 7:03 p.m.

2. Approval of Agenda

  • A motion was made by Cathy to accept the agenda with an amendment to include an item to discuss the Official Plan, which was accepted.

3. Acceptance of minutes of draft AGM minutes

  • Jon was asked for clarification regarding some of the councillor’s remarks at the AGM. Jon will review the draft minutes to ensure the information was captured correctly. Jon noted that the work on Carling related to the introduction of Transit Priority Measures will be delayed until phase 2 of the O-train (Trillium Line) is complete. This is expected to take at least four years.
  • There was no vote to accept the draft AGM minutes, as this will be done at the next AGM.

4. Acceptance of minutes of last board meeting (June 18)

  • Accepted

5. Business arising from minutes of June 18

  • Nothing.

6. Update from City Councillor Shaw Menard’s Office (Jonathan)

6.1 Update on Bronson Avenue Construction

  • A lane has reopened to traffic, so drivers can now travel all the way down Bronson. There is more traffic within the community as a result of the Bronson restrictions, and monitoring is taking place. No measures have yet been put in place.

6.2 Traffic Calming Measures

  • In the last several months, traffic calming measures have been implemented on Bronson (close to Carleton). Speed limits have decreased. There are several ongoing projects related to Bronson, as well as a visioning exercise to redo Bronson as a whole. This will be undertaken to review the entire stretch of Bronson from the Queensway to the canal (Sunnyside), including the implementation of infrastructure for bikes.
  • While there are some pilot projects ongoing related to the Glebe and Ottawa South neighbourhoods, there are plans to eventually reduce speed limits to 30km/h for residential areas of the entire ward. While the season to implement traffic calming measures is now over, the planning phase for 2020 will begin and be implemented next spring/summer. Gabrielle will be working with Sue, Peggy and Jon on a plan for traffic calming in the Glebe Annex.

6.3 Development

  • 289 Carling is proceeding. The John Howard Society is planning to break ground in the spring. There is an issue in that the parking lot is not being maintained at the moment (large amount of garbage and weeds). The city is monitoring and has promised to clean it up.
  • 291 Carling – There is agreement with Canada Lands to have another meeting with representatives from the community. Key issues with the development remain regarding height, number and size of buildings, access to green space, and diversification of unit types. There are currently some questions regarding zoning of the lot – the councillor remains engaged with Canada Lands Company.
  • Carrie asked Jon about inclusionary housing policy. Jon mentioned that for every development that comes to them for review, the councillor’s office applies this lens. He mentioned that with Ottawa Public Health getting involved, this issue now carries more weight.

7. Federal leadership candidate’s debate (Gabrielle)

  • The board agreed to bring forward two questions at the debate – a question on climate change and one on electoral reform. Gabrielle will formulate the precise wording and will share with the debate committee.
  • Gabrielle asked for volunteers to help with items before the debate (assist GNAG to set up risers, place tables and chairs on the stage, place tables and chairs along the side of the hall, set up 300 chairs, demarcate a corridor for wheelchairs, etc.), during the debate (serve as runners giving cards and pens to those wishing to ask questions), and after the debate (stack and put away tables, risers, 300 chairs, sweep floors) – Carrie, Sue, and David agreed to help. Gabrielle will send additional information.
  • We were asked by the NDP candidate if the Board was interested in meeting with her at some point before the election. The candidate was not available to come to our board meetings, however, and the board decided not to convene a special meeting to meet with her.

8. 291 Carling Update (Sue)

  • ” Canada Lands was scheduled to apply to change the site’s zoning in the summer. Their application has now been delayed to the Fall (approx. the end of October) due to the large amount of feedback that Canada Lands Received. This includes written comments and verbal feedback in meetings with various community members.

9. 289 Carling site plan proposal (Sue)

  • We have until Sep 27th to provide comments to the city on this development’s proposed site plan. The following issues were discussed as potentially being part of official Glebe Annex response: There were suggestions made by a member of the Urban Design Review Panel that the proposed parking configuration is too confusing and thus dangerous. We will look into this further to see we can suggest improvements. We may include comments regarding the privacy of Lakelander residents for the third-floor terraces (which was not included in the site plan), the desire for more native plants in the landscape plan, which parking level should include bike parking, and clarify plans for garbage pick-up. Cathy suggested emphasizing pedestrian safety at the exit and entry points for vehicles along Bell St South. For instance, if the entry is to be on an incline, we need to make sure that drivers will see pedestrians, and that vehicles pull out of the parking garage slowly. Measures such as a gate with a sensor or speed bump could help mitigate these concerns.
  • Bell Street may need a traffic light at Carling, given the increased foot traffic due to this development and 291 Carling. However, this issue is better suited for discussion as part of the work scheduled for Carling Ave.

10. Civic events funding program (Sue and Gabrielle)

  • The City of Ottawa offers yearly civic event program grants, where they give up to $3000 to groups to host community building events. We put in for grants before for other programs, but have not been successful. We are planning to do another party in park anyway, but would like to start planning now and put in for this grant. Sue proposed a motion to spend up to $300 for GACA to pay towards such an event. Carrie seconded, and everyone was in favour.

11. Membership stats update

  • We have 76 paying members this year. Two of those are corporate. More than $900 has been raised through the membership campaign. Membership is down from last year. Last year we had 96. We have over 220 people on mailing list, however, so our reach is better, but our total membership is down.

12. Official Plan

  • The city is encouraging people to run workshops. There is survey on each of the 5 moves that is open until the end of September. Sue will send out link to the surveys to the board. The Councillor’s office will share the work they have done on this with us.

13. Adjournment

” The meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.