GACA Board Meeting – October 16, 2013

Present: Sylvia Milne, Lisa Furrie, Mary McIninch, David Perkins, Darlene Charron, Gina Clark

The meeting was called to order at 7:08pm.


Sylvia Milne welcomed everyone to the sixth meeting of the Board of Directors of the Glebe Annex Community Association (GACA).

Approval of the agenda

Darlene motioned to accept the agenda; Lisa seconded the motion.

Business arising from last minutes

There was no business arising from the minutes.

New business

Community update

Sylvia brought the site plans for the proposed garage to be constructed behind the Metro on Bank Street. GACA has been invited to comment on the plans.

The official plan amendment proposal is available on the city’s website. Most of the amendments refer to traffic-related issues. The amendment goes before the city’s planning committee on 8 November.

Action: Sylvia referred this to Peggy for comments. The comments are due by the end of October.

The trailer at the service station on the corner of Bronson and Carling has been removed following Sylvia’s complaint to the city.

Sylvia and Brenda have worked with two realtors from Keller Williams to ensure that all real estate listings in the community will be categorized as Glebe Annex.

Sylvia said that there has been a suggestion that the Association have signs made that read “You are entering the Glebe Annex.” This would be one way to raise the neighbourhood’s profile.

Action: Sylvia’s husband, Doug, will write an article for the November issue of the Glebe Report. The article will focus on the clean up, membership drive, community safety audit and upcoming AGM. Doug will send the article to Iain, Lisa and David for comments prior to submission.

Peggy sent Sylvia an email that said that she had been contacted by Peter Eady of the Civic Hospital Neighbourhood Association. Peter has asked if GACA would be interested in collaborating with neighbouring associations to see if it is possible to establish a common front with respect to the Community Design Plans in our area.

Mary added that there is a meeting scheduled for 24 October to discuss this issue.

Treasurer’s Report

Chris has deposited $250 into the Association’s bank account. There are additional membership funds that will be deposited shortly.


Two of the nine canvassers have completed canvassing their areas. In addition, 10 memberships were sold during the clean-up.

Action: Sylvia has asked her property manager for an opportunity to speak at her condo’s AGM (28 October) about the Association membership drive.


Darlene said the fall clean-up was a success. She said it was a good idea to begin and end the clean-up in Dalhousie South Park. If everyone could pitch in and clean up on a regular basis, it might do a lot to discourage littering. Darlene encouraged everyone to call 311 whenever they see garbage that needs to be cleaned up.

Traffic, Security and Safety

In terms of security, Sylvia said that Peggy had informed her that she had requested additional “Theft from Vehicle” cards and had been told that none were available. More will be ordered in the new year. Peggy thought that perhaps the Association could influence an earlier print date.

Peggy has requested a meeting with the area’s Community Police Officer; she will update the group once this meeting takes place.

In terms of safety, Darlene said that Peggy has moved forward with the WISE initiative. There is a meeting scheduled for 23 October to discuss this issue.


Mary updated the group on the recent Glebe Community Association Parks Committee meeting. She said the meeting had focused on the “adopt a park” program and cash-in-lieu-of-parking money.

Action: Sylvia suggested that GACA put together a wish list related to parks and send it to Councillor Chernushenko. Darlene suggested that we take pictures of the Dalhousie South Park to show the Councillor the current state of the park equipment.

Sylvia said that the city has a community environmental grants program and that there is funding available through this program for community associations.

Action: Mary will explore this grants program and communicate with Sue about possible projects.


Sylvia read an email from Iain about a recent FCA meeting. A speaker from the City of Ottawa provided a detailed outline of planning and development in the city, particularly infill and construction of high-rise buildings that exceed current zoning. The city’s Official Plan appears to be straightforward. Under the new plan, no buildings above four-storeys would be permitted in residential areas and none over nine-stories on main streets. The exception is neighbourhoods that area zoned with a secondary plan that are zoned for intensification. The Glebe Annex does not have a secondary plan and is not zoned for intensification under the proposed city plan. As of now, the Taggart proposal on Carling should not be permitted. The city will not finally approve this proposal until the section 37 issue is finalized. If this is not finalized before the Official Plan is approved, GACA could have a compelling case for an OMB appeal.


David said there have been approximately 1,000 hits to the GACA website since it was created.

Action: David, Lisa and Iain will meet after the AGM to discuss communications, particularly creating a social media plan.


Sylvia suggested that each committee could report on activities at the AGM, as well as the goals for the future. David suggested that these goals could be projected during the meeting.

Action: Sylvia will contact David Chernushenko to see if he is available to speak at the AGM.

Gina suggested that we could have a banner made that advertises the Association and highlights the website.

Action: David will create a flyer that advertises the AGM and will post them around the neighbourhood.

The group discussed possible refreshments for the meeting. It was decided to provide water and some cookies/treats.

The AGM will also be an opportunity to elect directors for the coming year. Of those in attendance, Mary, Sue, Darlene, David and Sylvia said they will stand for re-election.


The Association will hold a holiday social at the Prescott on Preston Street.

Action: Lisa will send an email to the Directors to check re availability on either 4 or 11 December.

Next meeting

The next board meeting is scheduled for 20 November at 7pm in the Lakelander guest suite.

The AGM will be held on 21 November in the Eileen Anne Scotton hall (the big hall) at the Glebe Community Centre.


Gina motioned to adjourn the meeting at 8:35; this was seconded by Mary.

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