Neighbourhood initiative on COVID-19

A neighbour has reached out and asked us to spread the word about an initiative that she started to help neighbours take care of each other during this time of uncertainty. Please see her notice below.

Hey #LittleItaly and #GlebeAnnex residents: hello from a neighbour! Let’s come together and help one another out during the weeks and months ahead. We’re sharing a spreadsheet to coordinate neighbourhood response to COVID-19.

View the spreadsheet here:

Social distancing *does not* mean we can’t virtually connect with one another or, when appropriate, offer some in-person help. This is a great time to reflect on how we can lend a hand to those in need—and ask for what we need to stay mentally healthy, too.

This in mind, here is a Google Spreadsheet to coordinate neighbourhood response. It has three main tabs:

  1. Help a neighbour out: From dog walking to supply drop-off, video/phone calls for those feeling isolated to occasional childcare. Many are fortunate to be able to work from home and stock up on supplies, but many more are not! Think: how can you support those who don’t have these same privileges?
  2. Request List: How can your neighbours help you get through the weeks ahead?
  3. Community Resources: From food banks to local testing centres, where can people access these essential services?

Please share this photo set with people in the neighbourhood, and please add to the Spreadsheet as you see fit. Scarcity and fear are real things, but so are abundance and community. Select image to view and download larger version.

Download hi-resolution versions 

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