Retirement Residence at 275 Carling Avenue

There has been more activity on the site of 275 Carling Ave, Katasa’s proposed 16-storey retirement residence, since our last update. The site plan has not yet been approved, although Katasa is undertaking some preliminary work. This includes the installation of wiring for both Bell and Rogers, as well as Hydro Ottawa ductwork.

Katasa will likely also start demolition work in the underground parking garage at the existing building at 265 Carling Ave, in preparation for linking the underground parking garages of the two buildings. These activities can happen prior to site plan approval.

While the timing is not set in stone, the site plan approval and building permit process are expected to conclude in the coming months – as early as the fall – which would enable construction to begin. Katasa has not yet indicated if it plans to start construction this year, but we will keep the community informed as we learn more.