New Official Plan – “As We Heard It” Report Discussion

After receiving a large amount of feedback on the new Official Plan (OP), the City wrote an “Interim As We Heard It” report, which explains how this feedback will impact the next draft of the new Official Plan. The City is holding sessions for the different transects across the city to further discuss this.

Of note, in the first draft of the new OP the Glebe Annex was listed as part of the Downtown Transect, which is slated for higher intensification. Due to our feedback, and particularly due to the support of Councillor Menard, our neighbourhood has now been brought into the Inner Urban Transect, along with the majority of Capital Ward.

The Inner Urban Transect will be discussed at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, June 28th.

To register for this session, please see the following link: