New Civic Hospital Campus Master Site Plan Open for Public Comments

The Ottawa Hospital has unveiled its master site plan for the new civic campus, which is available for public comment until June 18th:

GACA will be providing feedback on the plan, and we are interested in hearing feedback from community members – either things they see as positive or issues they are concerned with. So far, we are happy to see things such as the multi-level, at least partly underground parking garage, which will be topped by green space, but also things which are more concerning, including the removal of more than 600 trees, as well as over 100 surface parking spots throughout the site. We are also disappointed that the City has decided that the Carling O-Train station will remain on the north side of Carling, although the hospital plans to provide a covered walkway for pedestrians to access the hospital from the station.

Given the scope of the project, the master site plan will be followed by more detailed site plan applications.

Please feel free to send us your feedback, or include us on your own feedback so we better understand our community’s perspective: