Excavation for 275 Carling

The excavation process is finally about to wrap up. The last day of blasting is expected to be on Monday, April 4th. There may be a final few days of hoe ramming (to be confirmed), but all the excavation equipment is supposed to be removed by the end of the week.The next phase will be the actual creation of the 5 levels of underground parking – a much quieter process. This is planned to take until October. With the end of the excavation, we also expect fewer construction vehicles parked on Cambridge. We will, however, start to see some heavy vehicles coming into the neighbourhood to drop off building materials – on average 30 a week (about 6 per day).

We have also learned that Katasa intends to appeal the Committee of Adjustment decision to not allow enclosed amenity space on the 17th floor – we will keep the community up to date as we learn more.