Survey on Immediate Measures to Improve Bronson Avenue

The Bronson Redevelopment Project will upgrade Bronson Avenue’s infrastructure, including water mains and sewers, between the canal and the Queensway. It presents an opportunity for the city to make major structural changes to Bronson and improve pedestrian and road safety. However, the project has faced repeated delays – current plans see the project starting no earlier than 2026, although design work is expected to begin sooner.

Given the ongoing delays, the Bronson Team, a team with representatives from the Glebe Community Association, the Dow’s Lake Residents Association, and the Glebe Annex Community Association, have proposed several changes to make safety improvements to Bronson immediately – prior to the Redevelopment Project, and without making any structural changes.

We seek the community’s feedback to better understand the support within our respective communities for these proposed changes. Please complete the survey below on potential immediate improvements by Monday, January 29, and limit submissions to one response per household:

Bronson Team Survey 1

If you have additional suggestions or comments, please feel free to reach out to us at

In the coming months, we will seek further community input on structural changes that could be part of the longer-term Redevelopment Project.

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