GACA Board Meeting – January 11, 2023

Glebe Annex Community Association (GACA)
Board Meeting – Wednesday, January 11, 2023, 7:00 p.m.
Present: Carrie Bolton, David Perkins, Gabrielle Dallaporta, Robert Logie, Laurent Carbonneau, Sue Stefko, Scott Templeton, Jonathan McLeod, Assistant, Office of Shawn Menard, Councillor, Capital Ward,
1. Call to Order and Approval of Agenda
The meeting commenced at 7:05 p.m.
2. Approval of the Agenda
The agenda was approved.
3. Minutes from the November 9th Meeting
The minutes were approved.
4. Business Arising from our last meeting – Sue 
  • Canada Lands Corporation – 299 Carling.  The land is listed ‘on offer’ – there is no price associated with it.  The property is still on the market; the area has been reopened for parking.

5. Yoga in the Park – Gabrielle

  • Gabrielle has found some potential yoga teachers and now has a microphone and speaker system to be able to host a yoga in the park event.
  • The board discussed how insurance would work; Gabrielle will look into it more.
  • The event could be held late spring or summer.
  • The board agreed with the planned event and Gabrielle will provide another update at a later meeting with proposed date, time, and honorarium amount.
6. General Update – Sue
JHS update
  • Sue shared that socks and welcome notes were given to the new residents of the JHS. Cookies were also given to staff.
  • There was a fire at the JHS building but there was no significant damage. Firefighters were not aware of the development prior to that point – the fire department will keep a closer eye on the building.
  • There is a plan to invite Joshua to come give update at a future GACA meeting.
357 – 363 Preston Street
  • A new development is planned at 357 – 363 Preston Street.   The proposal is for a six storey with two commercial units on the ground (one will be a bank), furnished apartments (37 units total) and a number of amenities.
  • Since this development is outside of the Glebe Annex boundary, GACA will not provide comments on this development.
  • Regarding board composition, if anyone is planning to leave their board executive position, please let Sue know. So far, we are looking for a new president and secretary.
  • Some potential ideas of presenters for the AGM could include the city (Official Plan) and the new police officer responsible for our area.
  • At our next meeting, Sue plans on picking the AGM date and discussing potential topics.
7. Hospital update – Scott 
  • Scott shared that material is going to be released related to the traffic study for the new hospital construction.
  • Scott flagged that the hospital could have a large impact on traffic on Carling and Bronson and create parking challenges in neighbouring streets, especially in Little Italy.
8. Councillor’s office update
  • Regarding the Ottawa Hospital, there will be a public meeting on Feb 9, 2023. Jon will share the information with us.
  • Official Plan – City staff has been working on all the changes made by the province. Staff has been organizing primers and Jon will share the information with us at upcoming meetings.
  • They are waiting for the draft city budget to come out.
  • All committee appointments have been made. Councillor Menard is chair of the Environment Committee and a member of the Finance Committee, Transit Committee, and Rideau Conservation Board for this term.
  • The councillor’s office has been made aware that Cambridge has been closed at Carling due to the construction taking place. Jon is currently contacting the developer to address this. He will ensure developers are playing by the rules and he invited us to let him know if there are any other issues like this that comes up in our neighbourhood.
9. Adjournment
The meeting adjourned at 8:03 p.m.

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