GACA Board Meeting – May 18, 2016

Glebe Annex Community Association

Meeting of the Board of Directors

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Present: Scott Blurton, Darlene Charron, Maeve McMahon, Sylvia Milne

1. Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order at 6:34 p.m.

2. Approval of the Agenda 


  • Add the draws for the gift certificates (which were in the “Cleaning the Capital” kit) to “Parks” section (Item #10)  (Darlene Charron)
  • Add “Henry Lane” issue to “Community Report” (Item # 5) (Maeve McMahon)

Motion to approve amended minutes: Sylvia

Seconded by: Darlene

3. Motion to approve minutes from April 20th, 2016

Sylvia Milne put forward a motion to approve the previous minutes.

This was seconded by. Maeve McMahon.

4. Business arising from the previous meeting

i) Henry Lane Lighting

Carrie mentioned at the last meeting that the lights would turn off on Thursday evenings. Maeve called City Hall and talked to Jill about the issue. Jill was very responsive and took all of the information. Two work crews showed up the next day. Unfortunately, the light is still not working at dusk but it does turn on at 11 p.m.

George St-Michael works with Jill at the Lighting Department. He was told that the light is still not working. Neither of the lights on Henry Lane is working.

Suggestion: Getting the Lane into a police report may help.

New community police officer is Dawn____________.

ii) Parks and Recreation

Still no word has been received on the empty lot across from 393, 391, 389 and 387 Bell Street South. Sue had been in contact with the MP. The land, originally owned by SNC Lavallin, (PWGSC) is now operated by Brownfield on a contract.

Results from Membership Survey regarding the lot (from Membership Drive Blitz) will be shared at the next meeting (June 15th).

iii) Traffic/Safety – 

To be discussed at June meeting when Peggy Kampouris will be there.

5. Community Report: Henry Lane Meeting

A meeting regarding Henry Lane concerns was held with a member of David Chernushenko’s office on Monday, May 16th.

Attendees: Peggy, Sylvia, Maeve, Carrie, and Justin Stratton, Assistant to Councillor David Chernushenko..

Justin mentioned that due to budget limitations, the city may not have funds for this project this year. No commitment by City Hall but it is under consideration.

However, every Lane should have a light standard.

Sylvia offered that one light may be appropriate for the time being and a marker at the other end.

It was noted when the group did their walk-about:

  • That on the Lane, there was a property owner who had extended his property into the Lane (between Bell and Lebreton) and as a result, there was no access from Henry Lane for cars.
  • The asphalt is in very rough shape (noted by city official).
  • Liability/Safety issue.
  • City should be plowing the Lane.
  • City official took down the address of the house owned by the late Mrs. Schnob.

Action: To be brought forward at next meeting.

6. Treasurer’s Report – 

Reported by Scott Blurton as Chris McCann is away

Motion: Emailed by Chris McCann to have a cheque written up to reimburse Brenda Quinlan for $42.45 for expenses incurred for supplies for the Membership Drive.

Seconded by: Darlene

Motion approved unanimously.

Action: Chris to write cheque when he returns.

FCA Cheque has not been sent.

Action: Scott will follow up with Lorne Cutler arrange drop-off.

7. Bike Rodeos – Reminder of details

Brenda has drafted a poster and David has printed and distributed the posters (including tacking the posters to telephone poles).

Saturday, June 4th: Bike rodeo for children ages 6 to 10 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.. Government of Canada parking lot on Lebreton Street (at Carling). Rain date: Sunday, June 5th from 10 to 12.

Free registration. Pre-registration required.

Action: Brenda put together an ad for posting on the G.A.C.A. website.

Darlene forwarded the ad to principal of St. Anthony School to advertise/promote the event.

Update: Principal advertised the event on the school’s Facebook page.

Thursday, June 9th: Bike rodeo for adults / Tran-Bike Commuters from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Maximum of 6 participants.

Includes theory, cycling skills and on-road comments. Free of charge but need to register. Registration on a first-come, first- served basis.

Registration can either be done by email or by phone to Brenda.

Rain date: Friday, June 10th

Action: Brenda drafted an email for Scott to forward to our database.

8. Planning and Development – 

Sylvia Milne reporting for Chris McCann

As of the last GCA Planning Committee meeting of May 10th, all of these proposals were on hold either with the developer, or the City:

  • 880-900 Bank Street (Beer Store/Mr. Muffler)

Sylvia and Scott attended the meeting. A lot of concern has been raised by residents. The GCA PC is waiting for revised documents from the City/developer prior to a formal 28 day public comment period. This proposal is reviewed in more detail on page 20 of the May 13, 2016 Glebe Report. No proposal submitted yet to city. Height of 8 stories, above zoning. See website by developer:

  • 852 Bank Street (Beside “Booster Juice”, McHale’s Automotive). The GCA P.C. is waiting to hear from the City after having made several suggestions for revisions to the developer’s initial proposal to the City.
  • 667 Bank Street (at corner of Clemow, La Strada parking lot) This property is subject to Heritage Impact considerations and hence, the developer will submit a revised Heritage Impact statement and revised plans.
  • 774 Bronson – (“Textbook Suites”) The G.C.A. PC submitted comments to the City on this proposal and is now waiting for the developer to revise its proposal to the City
  • 770 Bronson – (Emilio Linda Automotive) The developer submitted their proposal to the City but has now put their application on hold.

9. Membership – Sylvia Milne reporting for Brenda Quinlan


Helpers for Membership Drive: Darlene, Sylvia, Scott, Carrie, Peggy, Doug Milne

During the blitz on Sunday, May 15th, Brenda sold four memberships, along with 3 renewals. Seven to eight surveys were filled out. Of all who answered the survey, not many cared about planning if they lived further away from Carling Avenue.

Darlene sold 4 renewals. Scott sold 2 new memberships.

Action: Continue to follow up on Memberships.

Sylvia raised the concern that we should stay involved in planning matters but she wonders how many resources we should still put into these matters when it does not seem that many people are reading The Glebe Report. This could be due to the fact that many do not receive it if they live west of Abbas’ Convenience store.

10. Parks – Darlene Charron

Cleaning The Capital“: Our annual spring cleanup on Saturday, May 7th was another success with 19 hardworking participants spending 1 to 2 hours picking up:

  • 20 Glad garbage bags of litter
  • 10 bags of leaves
  • 4 larger items

Darlene completed the Cleanup Report Form and called 311 to have everything picked up that Monday.

Thank You’s to: 

  • Doug Milne (Photographer)
  • Tim Horton’s on Bronson (Mitzi, the manager) for donating a box of Timbits and coffee)
  • Abbas’ Grocery Store for bottles of water
  • Our volunteers!

Draw Winners:

Amy Kagerer (Peloso’s Dry-cleaning gift certificate for $25)

Mike Murphy (“Cleaning the Capital” t-shirt)

Suggestion raised to perhaps rename the park so that the name is more recognizable in our community. Apparently, a lot of work is involved to do so.

11. FCA Update – Scott Blurton

Scott has not been able to attend the April and may FCA meetings. Scott will attend the next meeting (AGM) in June. Scott will contact Lorne Cutler to organize a drop-off of our $30 cheque to pay the G.A.C.A. annual membership fees.

12. Glebe Report – Doug Milne (our “Reporter’)

Doug again took care of our May submission for the June issue.  Doug will be including  photos at our “Cleaning the Capital” event from May 7th and the winners of our draws.

Action #1: Scott will update the G.A.C.A. website with a link to the Glebe Report.

Action #2:  Sylvia will look into the “Mature Neighbourhoods” designation raised by the “Dow’s Lake Community Association” in the last issue. This would change the way in which certain planning rules are applied to the neighbourhood.

13. Other Business – 


14. Next Board Meeting: Wednesday, June 15th

15. Adjournment: 

Motion by Scott. Seconded by Sylvia. Approved by all.

The meeting ended at 8:10 p.m.