GACA Board Meeting – September 21, 2016

Glebe Annex Community Association

Executive Meeting – Wednesday, September 21, 2016 at 6:30 pm

Glebe Community Centre Meeting Room

1. Call to Order – 6:30 p.m.

Present: Scott Blurton, Darlene Charron, Chris McCann, Sylvia Milne, Brenda Quinlan, Sue Stefko.

2. Amendments/Approval of Agenda

  • Chris suggested correction of Item #7 under “Planning” from 590 Bank Street to 890/900 Bank Street
  • Brenda suggested an additional item for AGM planning.
  • Sylvia moved the agenda. Darlene seconded. Agenda adopted.

3. Amendments/Acceptance of minutes of Last Meeting (from June 15, 2016).

  • Correction to name of restaurant “La Strada” in the minutes.
  • Last paragraph under “Cycling”, change to “Brenda”, from “Grenda”
  • Moved by Brenda, seconded by Chris as amended. Adopted.

4. Business Arising from Minutes from June 15, 2016

  • Lighting on Henry Lane. Peggy sends her regrets that she wasn’t able to get the police statistics before this meeting as she hasn’t sent the request for F.O.I. (Freedom of Information) yet.
  • Sylvia noted that they had several bike thefts over the summer at “The Lakelander” condominium on Cambridge Street. The suspect has been caught.
  • Thank You Certificates for the spring “Cleaning the Capital” (for “Abbas” and “Tim Horton’s on Bronson Avenue):  Peggy sent the revised versions to Darlene. Darlene will print them off and have Scott sign them.

5. Parks – Sue Stefko

  • Transfer update of the Booth Street complex – Delayed until November. No reason given. Not due to contamination. Everyone has good intentions. May be due to negotiations with CLC. There is a possibility that this site may be debated as a location for the new Civic Hospital.
  • This may require sending a letter to the MP with the support of the G.A.C.A. and G.C.A. Sue will contact Christine McAllister, President of GCA, for a joint correspondence to Councillor Chernushenko’s office.
  • Sue will also contact Catherine McKenna’s office:
  • Design consultation with Chernushenko’s office with park designer for Dalhousie Park South. Having difficulty getting it together. The pre-consultation will be held on September 28th at Sue’s place. Still trying to get a price list for the equipment available.
  • Cleaning Up the Capital: Sue created some posters and will put them up. Sylvia and Scott will put up the posters in their buildings.

*Correction for the day of the Clean-up. It is being held on the Sunday at 10:00 a.m. Scott will resend the email as it contained the same error.

6. Treasurer’s Report – Chris McCann

  • Operating funds: $1,599
  • Reserve funds: $500
  • Future liabilities are: $536.

This consists of:

Payment to the GCA based on our membership: (98 X $2 = $196)

Bank fees: $4 per month

Reserve funds in November ($200),

Social activities ($100),

Donations: ?

7. Planning – Chris McCann

a) 265 Carling Avenue – Sylvia

  • Taggart has a new partner for retirement suites. They want to build but didn’t have too many answers to their questions. They will go back to the developer for more details.
  • 90 parking units are reserved to the tenants of the original building. The remainder of parking spots will go to the residents.
  • Entrance and exit are major concerns. Bronson is out as the main entrance, as is Carling Avenue. Cambridge Street South is now the current option (right across from “The Lakelander”).
  • There is a planning meeting with the developer on October 5th and October 12th. There is a need to send out an email to our members. Sylvia will draft email and Scott will send out email.
  • Motion from Sylvia to spend $50 to book the King’s Daughters Meeting Room for the meeting with Taggart on October 5th. Forwarded by Darlene, seconded by Scott. Approved.

b) 890/900 Bank Street – Chris McCann

  • GCA Planning Chair (Carolyn) had drafted a motion to submit to GCA as a result of several meetings. The motion  basically said that she was in favour of the location of the Beer Store with a development of 4 stories high. However, that the GCA would allow to go higher if they respected the 45 degree angle line of sight with portion of building that doesn’t abut Monk Street. Chris had suggested a friendly amendment that such a position would not be precedent-setting.
  • Development proposal for Bronson and Carling was original 15 stories down to 6 stories, below city limit parking.

8. Membership – Brenda Quinlan

  • 98 memberships sold as of July, 2016 (91 memberships sold in 2015).
  • 27 are new memberships.
  • 13 members (consisting of Board Members and Members at Large) assisted with sales.
  • A personal email was sent to 22 residents who did not renew in 2016. Negligible response.
  • Brenda gave a presentation to the Glasgow Condominium Board (corner of Powell and Bronson) on June 29th. The board stated that they would discuss a membership, but no response yet. Brenda attempted a few times to get an answer from them.
  • Brenda approached two Board members from the Powell Lofts to ask for an opportunity to meet with the Board. No response.

9. FCA Report – Scott

Not much to report at this time.

10. Glebe Report – Items to be submitted.

Sylvia reported that Doug will no longer be able to write the monthly report.

Scott will be responsible from here on in.

11. Other Business

  • AGM planning

First choice is to meet Thursday, November 3rd from 6:30 to 8:30 PM. Scott will book the room at the Glebe Community Centre.

Second Choice if November 3rd is not available: Wednesday, November 2nd.


  • Possibly the MP?
  • The Councillor?
  • The Community Police Officer?
  • The Board re-elected Sue Stefko as a Member of the Board

12. Next meeting: Wednesday, October 19, 2016 at 6:30 p.m.

13. Adjournment

Motion put forward by Darlene. Seconded by Sue. Meeting adjourned at 8:25 p.m.

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