GACA Board Meeting – March 20, 2013

Present: Chris McCann, Gina Clark, Peggy Kampouris, Mary McIninch, Iain Wood, Susan Harris, Sue Stefko, David Perkins, Melanie Cave, Sylvia Milne, Lisa Furrie, Darlene Charron

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm.


Sylvia Milne welcomed those in attendance to the first official meeting of the Glebe Annex Community Association Board of Directors. She informed the group that Helen Smith had to withdraw from the Board because of prior commitments.

Nominations and Votes for Board of Director Positions

The following positions on the Board of Directors have to be filled: President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Lisa Furrie called for nominations for President. Susan Harris nominated Sylvia Milne; the nomination was seconded by Mary McIninch. The motion was carried.

Sylvia called for nominations/volunteers for Vice-President. Sylvia nominated Chris McCann; the nomination was seconded by Iain Wood. The motion was carried.

Sylvia called for nominations/volunteers for Secretary. Lisa Furrie volunteered to fill this position and the motion was carried.

Sylvia Milne called for nominations/volunteers for Treasurer. Peggy Kampouris nominated Mary McIninch; however, Mary said that she did not want to sit on the Executive at this point in time. Iain Wood read the duties of the Treasurer as per the Association’s proposed Constitution. When no one came forward to fill the position, Iain asked if the Board could defer filling this position. Mary suggested that, in the interim, the Association could open a bank account.

Decision: The Board will defer filling the position of Treasurer.

Constitution: Review and Ratify

Iain told the group that he had prepared and circulated the draft Constitution for comments. The draft is fairly comprehensive, he said, particularly in terms of the Association’s finances. In general, it gives the Association a solid framework with which to move forward in the long term.

Sue Stefko moved that the Board accept the Constitution as circulated; Peggy seconded the motion. The draft was signed by the Executive and witnessed by Iain.

Action: Iain will provide David Perkins with a copy of the Constitution so that David can post it on the Association’s website.

Community Update: FCA

Sylvia explained that the Glebe Annex Community Association is now an official member of the Federation of Citizens’ Associations (FCA). At its monthly meetings, the FCA brings together representatives from community associations from across the region to discuss common issues and share solutions. The FCA asks that two representatives from each community association attend the meetings. It does not always have to be the same two representatives. Peggy said that she might be interested in attending some of the meetings.

Action: Sylvia will circulate information about the FCA to the Board.


Sylvia presented the Board with a list of possible committees. She explained that, generally, a member of the Board takes on the role of Chair of a committee. She asked if anyone was interested in chairing any of the committees. The following people expressed interest, as follows:

  • Membership: Susan Harris, Gina, Darlene Charron
  • Planning and Development: all Directors
  • Communication: David Perkins, Iain Wood, Lisa Furrie
  • Traffic/Security/Transit: Peggy Kampouris (with a focus on security)
  • Parks/Green Space/Beautification/Recreation: Sue Stefko (with a focus on parks)
  • Social: Gina

Peggy said that she sees a lot of connections between the various committees. For instance, the Association email list could be used to send out crime statistics to those who are interested or to advertise free home security evaluations.

Action: Lisa Furrie will include a notice in the email to the general memberships that will accompany the minutes that we are looking for volunteers for the various committees. Lisa will also include a notice in the email that Sue, on behalf of the Bytowne Urban Gardens, asked that anyone who is interested in having a food garden plot in Glebe Memorial Park contact her directly at

Community Update: Planning Committee

Sylvia told the group about the results of recent meetings with the developer for 265 Carling (Taggart). While issues related to height and density were not on the table, discussions were held around the proposed sites of the entrances/exits and lobby. No final decisions have been made on these issues. She told the group that a final meeting with the developer, city planner and David Chernushenko was scheduled for Friday 22 March in advance of the Tuesday 26 March Planning Committee meeting.

Sylvia said that part of the plan for that Friday meeting was to question the due diligence on the part of the city planner.

The Board discussed the fact that the entire city planning process is broken. Sylvia said that the city is holding a series of meetings on public participation. She urged the Board members to register to attend one of those meetings.

Action: Lisa will send a short email to the Association general membership urging them to write to all City Councillors detailing their concerns about the proposed development. The email will also inform members that they have to register in advance if they want to speak at the 26 March Planning Committee meeting.

Sylvia read the group two letters that she has written and that she will send to all City Councillors following her meeting at City Hall on Friday. She will also send the letter to a number of reporters who have been reporting on this and other proposed developments.

Iain said that he will be speaking at the Planning Committee meeting on the 26th. While he will make it clear that he is pro-intensification, he said he will vent about the fact that our area is not zoned for this level of intensification. Sylvia said that Robert Bell is going to speak at the meeting about the fact that the planning process is broken. Sylvia said that she is also going to speak at the meeting. Peggy Kampouris said that she is not able to attend the meeting but would be willing to draft a presentation about traffic issues as a result of the proposal if someone else would be willing to present it that the meeting.

New Business


Next Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for 1 May at 7 pm. The location will be determined.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm.

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