More car break-ins in the Glebe Annex

We have received a report that even more car break-ins in the Glebe Annex have occurred recently. The latest round includes a number of thefts from vehicles in parking spaces along Henry lane, with the most recent that we are aware of occurring April 14th.In these cases, as with the last spate of thefts near Clemow, the thief has caused damage to the vehicles – this time by prying open the doors with a crowbar, damaging the door frames.

As a reminder: 

  • Lock your doors and remove all valuables from your cars when you leave them unattended.
  • Leave nothing that might be a source of temptation – even empty bags.
  • We have warning cards that can be displayed in your vehicles that say: “All Valuables Removed.” If you would like a copy, let us know and we will get one to you. You can also print them from the Ottawa Police Service’s website.

If your car has been broken into or damaged, please be sure to call the Ottawa Police at 613-236-1222 and file a police report.

If you are witnessing a crime in progress call 911. Otherwise, use the number provided. You can also make a police report online at:

Please report all crime incidents and any suspicious activity. This makes a stronger case for our community to have increased police patrols, which can lead to crime prevention.

If you do make a report to the police, let us know so we can follow-up with our Community Police Officer and make the community aware. Also, share the info with your neighbours.

You may wish to consider removing your original car registration and proof of insurance from the vehicle. The Ottawa Police advise that photocopies of these documents are accepted if you need to show these documents to police – photocopies must include both sides of the document, and be signed by the car owner.