1st Annual Glebe Annex Block Party

The Glebe Annex (defined as Carling to the 417 and Bronson to Lebreton) is hosting its first block party on Saturday, June 30th from 2:00 – 6:00 pm. The purpose of this celebration is to provide space for neighbours to get to know each other.

Residents are encouraged to bring food dishes to share, chairs to relax in, and family and friends to share in the festivities. This block party will showcase the wealth of talent – superpowers – that exist in the community.

If you are a performer, have a talent or hobby, or a local business you would like to share with your neighbours, register on the website. This is an opportunity to connect with like-minded folk and get some exposure for your interest or work.

Date: Saturday, June 30th from 2 to 6 pm (rain date July 7th)
Location: Bell Street South, in front of Dalhousie South Park
Cost: Free

Get to know your neighbours in an afternoon of entertainment, activities, food and fun. Bring your dogs, friends, family, chairs, and a dish to share!

Share your hobby or talent: We are looking for residents to contribute their artistic/performance skills, hobbies or other talents (superpowers). The goal is to connect with other like-minded neighbours and gain exposure.

Contribute/Volunteer: If you are interested in contributing to the event, such as a barbecue, garbage bins or bags, microphone and speakers, or if you would like to volunteer, please reach out to the organizers at www.glebeannexblockparty.com.

Stay tuned for more information as the event gets closer!

Sent on behalf of the Glebe Annex Block Party Coordinators