289 Carling Info Session and Preliminary Plans

(Download the full preliminary plans PDF)

Last week’s session was well-attended, with many taking advantage of the opportunity to ask questions of both the city and the John Howard Society (JHS), and to obtain further information about the building itself.

As with previous sessions, the issue of safety was the top issue on the minds of residents. There was one question, however, which the JHS was unable to answer at the time. GACA promised it would follow up with an email to its membership to provide the response.

Question: In addition to the residents, how many outside clients would be coming in to access services at the new centre?

Response: On average, 30-40 people are expected to attend the site for educational programs daily, with an additional 30-50 attending the site over the course of a typical day for individual appointments (to access services such as employment support and crisis support). These services typically run from 9-5, although the centre plans to stay open some evenings for those who can’t make it during the day.

If nearby residents have any additional comments, concerns, or input, please feel free to reach out to the JHS’ Associate Executive Director, Christine MacIntosh: cmacintosh@jhsottawa.ca or to the City of Ottawa’s Affordable Housing Unit Director, Saide Sayah: saide.sayah@ottawa.ca.

Preliminary plans

For those who were unable to attend, please see the JHS’ more detailed building plans, the following are preliminary plans and may change as the building goes through the site approval process.


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