289 Carling Site Plan

The John Howard Society (JHS) has released a site plan proposal for 289 Carling. There are no major surprises. As promised, the plan conforms to zoning, with no variances required. The development will still contain 40 units, space for education and training, JHS staff offices, and 29 parking spots.

Unfortunately, none of the trees will be saved – the only green space that is expected to survive is the hedge at the north end of the property. While replacement plantings, including some trees along Carling Ave, are proposed, we are encouraging the JHS to use native trees to help local wildlife instead of what is currently planned (namely, non-native Norway Maples).

As a result of these additional details becoming clear, the JHS has also updated its “Questions and Answers” document that’s on our website. The most significant updates are:

  • The inclusion of the site plan info;
  • Results of the environmental testing (the site was found to be higher than what are considered to be safe levels for a number of contaminants such as arsenic, lead, zinc, mercury, etc.);
  • The fate of the site’s trees; and,
  • Updated timelines. Of note, the remediation is now expected to occur in the spring or summer of 2020, followed by construction (not this fall as previously planned).

The city is taking comments on the plan until September 17th. Please take some time to review the plans, and if you have comments, concerns or questions, the city point of contact is: Jenny Kluke – jenny.kluke@ottawa.ca, 613-580-2424 ext. 27184. Please also cc us (info@glebeannex.ca) on your comments so we are aware of the community’s concerns and can better advocate on its behalf.

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