Blasting Concerns Related to 275 Carling (‘The Clemow’)

There have been numerous complaints arising from the blasting occurring as part of the construction of 275 Carling. Blasting started in September, and so far, Katasa has excavated two floors of the five-storey parking garage. We expect blasting to continue until February.

In response to the complaints, both GACA and Councillor Menard engaged Katasa, BurMont Construction, and city staff. We learned while the majority of blasts meet the city’s vibration regulations, so far three blasts were strong enough to trigger warning messages to the construction crew. This includes the blast on November 2nd, which sparked the majority of complaints. While those blasts still fell into what is considered permissible by the city, the construction crew has modified their practices to remain below those warning levels.

A number of neighbours have expressed concerns about their foundations – both from the immediate work taking place, and from the cumulative impact of the multiple developments in the area. Explotech, a third-party consultant providing oversight to the blasting process, provided some reassurance, explaining that the blasting regulations are based off in-depth and long-term studies which included near-continuous blasting for over 50 years, and took place near a variety of home and foundations of different ages. Explotech added that if there was damage, it would first be seen in the weaker components of the home, such as plaster and drywall, before damage would occur in the stronger components like the foundation.

Some neighbours very close to the site are also concerned about rock debris damaging their properties. While the use of large rubber mats placed over top of the blasting area minimizes the possibility of projectile rock, anyone concerned about any kind of damage to their property should contact Katasa and file a formal complaint to make sure that their concerns are addressed. For information regarding who to contact and other Frequently Asked Questions, please see Councillor Menard’s page:

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