Glebe Annex Community Safety Audit

Message from the Office of Councillor David Chernushenko
to the Glebe Annex Community Association

I am very happy to share with you the great news that further to the Councillor’s recommendation to consider the Glebe Annex, and based on your feedback as well as that of the WISE Community Safety Audit, staff in Public Works have selected the following streets for the LED lighting improvement Pilot Project: Cambridge St. South, Bell St S, Henry, Plymouth, Arthur and Powell.

They will be replacing 30 lights on these streets. At the moment they have confirmed this verbally and indicated that once the design and fixtures are all in order, they expect these improvements will be in place by mid September. They suggested that another safety audit be conduct after the installation, to see whether these lighting improvements have contributed to the overall safety in the area.

We will keep you informed on the progress of this project. 

 From the report:

Premise for the Community Safety Audit of the  Glebe Annex

In November 2013, a community safety audit of the Glebe Annex neighbourhood was conducted. Participants in this community safety audit included residents of the community, members of the Glebe Community Association, Councilor David Chernushenko and staff and Board of WISE. 

The audit was conducted by the community with the view to improving women’s sense of safety. A walkabout was conducted to examine areas of the neighbourhood that felt safe and unsafe based on characteristics of lighting, entrapment sites, sightlines as well as other evaluation criteria. Residents reported issues that affected their sense of safety in the area, while staff members made note of these concerns and engaged in discussions of possible solutions. All group members shared and developed recommendations for improving the safety of the area. The safety concerns identified and recommendations proposed by the community residents are detailed in this report. 

Full report: Community Safety Audit Report