GACA Board Meeting – March 8, 2023

Glebe Annex Community Association (GACA)
Board Meeting – Wednesday, March 8, 2023, 7:00 p.m.
Present: Carrie Bolton, David Perkins, Gabrielle Dallaporta, Joanne Benoit, Robert Logie, Sylvia Milne, Sue Stefko, Iain Wood, Jonathan McLeod, Assistant, Office of Councillor Shawn Menard, Capital Ward
1. Call to Order and Approval of Agenda
The meeting commenced at 7:05 p.m.
2. Approval of the Agenda
The agenda was approved.
3. Minutes from the February 9th Meeting
The minutes were approved.
4. Business Arising from our last meeting
No business arising from the last meeting.
5. John Howard Society (JHS) Building, 289 Carling – Sylvia
  • There have been concerning incidents for Lakelander residents and the surrounding community since the December occupancy of the JHS building.  Residents have moved into this building, and the JHS head office is also located there. Additionally, many JHS clients access this building daily for programs and training. The volume of daily visitors and residents directly impacts the Lakelander and nearby townhouses. The Lakelander board is working closely with the JHS to find solutions.
  • Some of the issues raised include:
    • The driveway entrance being blocked to the Lakelander by emergency vehicles and police responding to calls from the JHS (this requires immediate resolution);
    • Illegal parking in Lakelander guest and reserved parking – despite spots being clearly marked;
    • Garbage, cigarette butts, and drug paraphernalia have been discarded in the area; and,
    • Unacceptable behavior in the area.
  • The Lakelander is taking the following measures:
    • Increasing contact with JHS officials;
    • Reaching out to Councillor Menard and seeking police direction to address trespassing and other concerns;
    • Requesting that the JHS increase its surveillance – the Lakelander is considering installing more of their own; and,
    • Considering gating the pedestrian pathway on their side of the building.
  • Joshua is going to reinstate zoom calls with the community.
6. The Clemow, 275 Carling, Katasa Development – Iain 
  • Iain is a resident on Cambridge S. They have dealt with 16 months of construction at 275 Carling to date.  They have had damage to their house and possibly the main sewer line. Some of his concerns include:
    •  Construction workers blocking off Cambridge Street, not allowing street access. (Most recently this occurred on Friday, March 3rd, but this was not the first time this has happened);
    • Disruption to traffic flow; and,
    • Reduction in available street parking due to traffic cones out on the street. (Of note, Bylaw never tickets their trucks/cars.)
  • The Lakelander shares the same concerns with the construction – they are periodically stopped from accessing their own parking garage.
  • Sue will speak with Iain on next steps and will reach out to Sean from BurMont Construction and request that the workers be more respectful.
  • Jon will look into the construction issues.  He will see what permits Katasa has for things like special parking, as they require encroachment permits to block the street.  It looks like they may be bending some rules.  Jon suggested making calls to 311 whenever something is occurring and to also email 311, with photos when applicable and copy the councillor’s office,
  • Everyone is encouraged to write the councillor and copy the planning department – please include dated photos.
7. General Update – Sue
  • Bronson committee with DLRA and the GCA – GACA has been invited to participate in this committee, which is largely about improving safety and usability regarding Bronson.
    • Gabrielle and Sue are interested in participating.
    • Bell Street is the alternate route to Bronson in case of emergency.
  • • GACA Membership Survey – a draft survey was circulated prior to the meeting.
    • Zita suggested there be an intro with a description of GACA so that people know what we do.
    • Gabrielle had this in initially – it will be added back.
  • • GACA AGM
    • The date was changed from May 8th to May 17th; Councillor Menard is available.
    • Sue will reach out to the Hospital to see their availability to present at the AGM.
    • If the Hospital is not available, it might be useful to have safety as a topic, given recent issues, concerns with JHS. Sylvia is going to ask residents of the Lakelander what they would like to see as a topic for the AGM.
8. Councillor’s office Report, Jonathan
  • The Office is transitioning focus now that the city budget passed last week.  There were some minor improvements made to the initial proposal, but they hope to make more headway in the coming years.
  • The Councillor’s office had a meeting with the Ottawa Hospital. They were briefing them on the results of the transportation management planning. There has been a delay of about a week to the report due to NCC comments that the Hospital want to incorporate into the document.
    • Dow’s Lake will be moving to one hour parking, it does not look like the Glebe Annex will be affected by the new parking restrictions.
  • • 774 Bronson – The councillor’s office had a meeting with Katasa.
    • There have been some improvements from the initial 26-storey proposal; it is lower and has more setbacks. They are working on ensuring there is some affordable housing. They also want to ensure it fits in with the redevelopment of Carling and Bronson.
  • There are no updates to the Booth Street Complex or the opening of Orangeville to pedestrians.
9. Adjournment
The meeting adjourned at 8:28 p.m.

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