GACA Board Meeting – November 9, 2022

Glebe Annex Community Association (GACA)
Board Meeting – Wednesday, November 9, 2022, 7:00 p.m.

Present: Carrie Bolton, David Perkins, Gabrielle Dallaporta, Joanne Benoit, Robert Logie, Marni Crossley, Sue Stefko, Jonathan McLeod, Assistant, Office of Shawn Menard, Councillor, Capital Ward

1. Call to Order and Approval of Agenda

The meeting commenced at 7:05 p.m. The agenda was approved.

2. Minutes from the October 12 Meeting

The minutes were approved.

3. Business Arising from our last meeting

No business arising from the meeting of October 12.

4. General update – Sue

4.1 Vacant Buildings on Bell Street South

  • These buildings are in bad condition and are a safety concern. Sue spoke with the development consultant, and he is aware that there are problems. There has already been a fire and the buildings continue be a hazard. The owners want to demolish the buildings but have not been able to get permission from the city as a building permit is required prior to demolition. It was suggested to file a formal bylaw complaint; Joanne will look into filing a complaint on behalf of GACA. There is a lot of garbage and debris around the properties.

4.2 Booth Street Complex

  • The Canada Lands Corporation (CLC) confirmed that the complex is still for sale. CLC indicated this is not very surprising as whenever there is a heritage designation it is more complicated for developers. We do not know the asking price for the property. Catherine from CLC will be sending Sue the real estate listing for it as well as the one for 299 Carling. The CLC is still finalizing the plans for the park at Rochester and Norman. They are hoping to start work on the park this spring, even though the rest of the land will be vacant.

4.3 CLC 299 Carling

  • There was an application to lift ‘Part Lot Control’ to create severable lots, enabling more flexible development of the site. There will be three development blocks, one for the park, and several easement/encroachment blocks. Next year a city public consultation for the park is planned. Park construction will probably not commence before spring 2024.

4.4 Ministry of Transportation

  • Ontario (MTO) – Sue reached out to the MTO again regarding work completion, pedestrian access to Preston, and noise barrier completion along Rochester. To date MTO had not responded.

4.5 City Plan for Ottawa

  • The big changes in the plan made by the province include the increase in heights, especially in the downtown area, and the expansion of the urban boundary. In the downtown transect, where we are located, along any corridor, building heights have been raised to 9 stories (from a maximum of 4) within 200 meters of the corridor. This covers a lot of area in the Glebe Annex when you look at 200 meters from Bronson and Carling. Sue created a rough diagram to illustrate these corridors in our community (please see illustration at the end of the minutes). The areas indicated are going to be subject to nine stories which is not subject to appeal. The vacant buildings along Bell Street were going to have to be rezoned as they were asking for between six and four stories but in the future, they could go up to 9 with no rezoning required. As land becomes available, we can expect to see greater heights along these areas.

4.6 Christmas/End of Year Party – Gabrielle

  • We will be having a virtual party. The only decision to make is the party theme. Choices are ugly sweater, glitter and glamour, or comfy/cozy theme. The cozy theme was selected; as ugly sweaters are cozy, they are also welcome. The date will be our next scheduled meeting, December 13th.

4.7 Debate Money Provided to Glebe Community Association (GCA)

  • GACA voted to give the Glebe Community Association (GCA) $50.00 in support of one of the election debates. The GCA understood that GACA donated $100. A motion was made to verify with the GCA, and if we made an error, to honour the donation amount of $100.00. The motion was carried.

5.0 Security Update – Joanne

  • Krikor from the Lakelander invited the new community police constable for our area, Megan Arbuthnot to meet with Lakelander residents. He kindly extended the invitation to GACA. It was held on October 27th. Joanne and Carrie attended the meeting. Megan was very enthusiastic and seems to be quite happy with her new role. She is just learning about our community. She has been with the Ottawa Police force for 17 years.
  • Some residents from the Lakelander expressed concerns with security regarding the John Howard Society (JHS) building. One commented that some residents may come to the Lakelander grounds to smoke. Given that residents can smoke in their apartments, it is not likely. The Lakelander also has a private walking path at the back from Bell Street to Cambridge. A concern was also raised that this could be regularly used by JHS residents as a short cut to Bronson.
  • Another security concern for residents was vehicles ‘piggybacking’ into their parking lot. Constable Arbuthnot suggested they get a CPTED audit (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design). This is available to all residents at no cost. Gabrielle commented that her condo building had one done and it was very helpful.
  • Joanne brought up the inefficiency of crime stats available to Ottawa residents. These stats are only based on police reports made by phone and not those made online, even though Ottawa police continue to push residents to report online. Megan commented that the GCA also raised their dissatisfaction with this process as it does not give a clear picture. She is going to investigate.
  • The Glebe Annex continues to have very low crime rates.

6.0 Councillor’s Report – Jonathan

  • The new term officially starts on Tuesday; the office has been actively working through the election, but things can officially start to move now.
  • A big focus right now is on budget priorities. The councillor’s office is looking at parks, transportation, and affordable housing. The budget won’t come out until March. This will give everyone time to get up to speed.
  • The office is also putting together topics for the bylaw review. Last year there was the new Airbnb bylaw, and one for gas power lawn equipment, to name a couple. If something is not in early, adding it mid-term is difficult. Things do come up during the year, but this review is very timely and getting items in early is important.
  • There is a lot of prep work for the whole council term. Next week time will be spent meeting new councillors, learning what everyone’s priorities are. Other than that, it is business as usual. Flex stakes are coming out for the season soon, the office is already considering next year’s. There are other city reviews taking place, such as work on Bronson. There are still outstanding things from last term.

7.0 JHS – Update – Marni/Joanne

  • Marni will be preparing welcome gifts for the new residents at the JHS residence. It will be a pair of cozy socks and a welcome card. It was decided that GACA funds would not be used, but board members themselves could instead make monetary donations toward the purchase of the items. Members were requested to reach out to Marni directly with contributions.
  • The JHS build is close to completion, the staff have moved into their offices, and they expect to start programs to clients this week.
  • Residents are slated to move in mid to late December. Currently 8 female residents and 28 males have been selected to move in.

8.0 Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 8:31 p.m.

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