GACA Board Meeting – February 18, 2015

Present: Julie Stephens, Peggy Kampouris, Lisa Furrie, David Perkins, Sue Stefko, Brenda Quinlan, Chris McCann, Scott Blurton, Craig Kamcke, Iain Wood

Observer: Ken Malcolm

The meeting was called to order at 6:37pm.

Approval of the minutes from the previous meeting

Peggy questioned the action item regarding a petition on speed limits on the second page of the minutes. That action item was removed from the minutes.

David put forward a motion to approve the amended minutes; it was seconded by Craig.

Business arising from last minutes

Park redevelopment

Peggy told the group that Councillor Chernushenko had advised GACA to pursue cash-in-lieu funding for the park.

Traffic and Parking

Iain said the Glebe Community Association (GCA) has developed a motion and petition to reduce the speed limit on the Glebe side of Powell Avenue. The GCA’s main concern is the volume of traffic on Powell; something that is also an issue on our side. In fact, our side of Powell has more volume than the Glebe side.

Action: Peggy will follow the progress of the petition and will share the results of the traffic management study if GCA would like to see it. Peggy will also lobby for the GACA side of Powell to be included in any future traffic study commissioned by the GCA.

Peggy said she followed up with Abbas about the parking petition they had drafted. She was told that the petition had been sent to the city, but there has been no follow up. Peggy told Abbas that GACA is willing to help out by following up with the city on their behalf.

Parking is a great issue over which to engage with the community, David said.

Peggy said it would be necessary to determine exactly where the problem areas are. Iain suggested that Board members could walk around the neighbourhood and take notes regarding the parking restrictions on particular streets.

Peggy said that GACA could develop a form for Abbas, asking their customers to identify their issues regarding parking. The top 7 or 8 problem areas could be listed on the GACA website and we could ask members for comments, Lisa suggested.

Membership report

GACA currently has 87 members, Brenda said. She added that there are still some areas to be canvassed and that we can also sell memberships at the May clean up. The membership target for this year is 100.

There is currently one corporate membership. All of the other businesses that have been approached have decided not to buy a corporate membership.

Responding to a question, Brenda said that we will sell memberships for $10 until June. After that, the cost will be prorated. All memberships sold this year expire at the end of 2015.


Action: Lisa will develop an email template that will be used when new minutes are posted on the association website.

Preston Street BIA traffic initiative

Peggy drafted and sent a letter of support to the Preston Street BIA. To date, GACA is the only community association that has sent them a letter of support. Peggy said she is going to attend the next GCA traffic committee meeting, along with a representative from the Preston Street BIA, to discuss the traffic initiative.

Action: Peggy will send the traffic initiative discussion notes to the Board.

Bronson Street rezoning and redevelopment

Iain said he followed up with Sylvia regarding the GCA proposal that had been sent to the city. That proposal called for 6 storeys on both sides of Bronson. Iain said that it would be beneficial to for GACA to draft a letter to the city stating our support of the 6-storey restriction on both sides of the street.


Action: Iain will follow up with Glebe High School about the graffiti project that he had previously proposed.

Peggy said the city has just released its Paint It Up grant program. The program requires youth involvement, and proposals must be submitted by 27 March. The timelines are likely a bit short for GACA to be involved this year.

Action: Iain will attend a city session on the program.

Other items

Tree Ottawa

Sue said the city has a tree-planting program called “Trees in Trust,” whereby trees are planted in public areas. The issue is that there must be seven metres around the tree on all sides. This might be problematic given the small size of most lots in our area.

Bus service

Iain told the group that the GCA has decided not to support a proposal calling for increased frequency of buses on routes 1, 6 and 7 because there is already funding in the city budget to increase frequency on these routes.

Action: Iain will follow up with the GCA on this issue.

Convenience store conversions

The city has a new policy that allows for the conversion of certain neighbourhood properties into enterprises like artist studios, convenience stores, cafes and medical facilities. There are restrictions on the type of properties that can be converted and there would be no parking associated with these conversions, Scott said.

Security committee

Peggy suggested that she and Darlene walk around the neighbourhood and identify the issues that still exist from the community safety audit.

Action: Peggy will report back to the group at the next meeting and will also follow up with the Councillor’s office about funding.

Peggy said that Brenda had introduced her to a community member who is interested in security issues. That person volunteered to do some research into crime statistics for the GACA area.

Party in the Park

Action: A discussion about the party will be brought forward to the next Board meeting. Lisa will put out a call for volunteers to work on the party. Sue will contact Morris to see if he is interested in helping with this year’s party.

Next meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 18 March at 6:30pm in the Meeting Room at the Glebe Community Centre.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:55pm.