Ode to the Glebe Annex, By Craig Kamcke

The Annex is our treasured home,
here celebrated in this poem.
Though small in size, we’re large of heart,
our solemn vow to take its part.
North of Carling, west of Bronson,
a happy place that’s full of fun,
with houses small and condos grand.
A neighbourhood that seems unplanned,
with immigrants and refugees
and students mixed with retirees.
There’s Abbas’ store of local fame,
where everybody knows your name!
Where denizens do daily meet
to shoot the breeze, to scarf a treat.
Across the way, our little park
where children play (not after dark).
It is a fact it needs repairs;
at least there are not any bears.
One fellow claims a book he’ll write,
on all our foibles shed some light.
On second thought (he said to me)
a better bet is secrecy.
Safety, traffic flow, piled up snow:
these issues keep us on the go.
When developers crave our space,
at City Hall, we plead our case.
Come visit us, but drive with care,
our children play most anywhere.
Once an orphan, now united,
all in all, we are delighted!

Craig Kamcke is a member of the board of the Glebe Annex Community Association with poetry in his heart.

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