GACA Board Meeting – October 21, 2015

Present: Lisa Furrie, Peggy Kampouris, Maeve McMahon, Sylvia Milne, Iain Wood, Scott Blurton, Ron Poirier, Sue Stefko

Call to order and welcome

Sylvia called the meeting to order at 6:35pm and welcomed everyone in attendance.

Approval of the agenda

Sylvia said that she would be leading the discussion of the bike rodeo for Brenda and would be presenting the Treasurer’s Report for Chris. Maeve asked that a brief discussion of the lighting issue on Henry Lane be added to the agenda. A motion to approve the amended agenda was put forward by Scott and seconded by Maeve.

Approval of the minutes from the September 16, 2015 meeting

Peggy moved to approve the minutes from the September 16, 2015 meeting; this motion was seconded by Scott.

Business arising from the last meeting

Application for civic funding

Sylvia told the group she had submitted an application to the city for funds for community events (e.g. party in the park, movie night). The only potential issue is the need for 2 million in liability insurance. Sylvia has asked for quotations for this insurance, and once we have a sense of the amount of money involved, we will make a decision about whether or not to proceed. Our current application is for a total of $3,000, with $350 allotted to insurance. The application required that the planned event be tied to a civic holiday. Sylvia said she listed the Saturday of the Labour Day weekend; this date can be changed if the application is accepted.

The event could include any or all of the following: bike inspection, scavenger hunt and movie night.

Green space

Sue said that David’s office had responded to her letter about the green space beside the Bell Tower building stating that because it is private land there is little that the city can do to influence its use. The Councillor’s office suggested contacting 311 to report that the land is in need of maintenance.

Scott suggested contacting our newly elected Member of Parliament, Catherine McKenna.

Sue told the group she will be attending a workshop in early November on how to create a community garden. This land could be the site of a community garden. Raised beds would be a solution if the site is too contaminated. Another possible use is as a dog run, Sylvia said.

Action: Sue will contact the Real Property section of PWGSC about the land.

Treasurer’s report

GACA’s account currently shows a balance of $1,253, which includes $500 allotted to the contingency fund. There is a $52 cheque that has been written but has not yet been cashed.

Membership report

Sylvia said one membership had been sold at the community clean up.

The group discussed changing the date of the membership drive from November to the spring.

Action: Sylvia will meet with Brenda to discuss the possibility of moving the timing of the membership drive.

Community clean up

Darlene said she was disappointed with the turn out for the fall clean up. Ian said the spring clean up had attracted more people. One possible reason was that we had included a barbecue with that clean up. Sue suggested that the board decide on a date for the fall clean up before it breaks for the summer. Lisa suggested adding a calendar of events to the website so people would have advance notice of upcoming events.

Action: Darlene will send the template for the appreciation certificate to David so he can update it and Darlene can present a new certificate to Tim Horton’s as thanks for the contribution to the fall clean up.

Sylvia told the group she had written a letter to Glebe High School about garbage in our neighbourhood from its students. She will send the same letter to McDonalds.

Annual General Meeting

Sylvia reviewed the agenda for the AGM scheduled for Wednesday, October 28.

Action: Iain will create a poster to advertise the AGM and will put copies up around the neighbourhood.

Other business

Sylvia said she has been back and forth with the people who are planning the building at the corner of Bronson and Carling (on the west side). The plan is for a 9 to 12-storey upscale rental property. The big issue will be parking, she said, as it is for the proposed Sancom student building.

The deadline for submission to The Glebe Report is this coming Friday.

Action: Scott will write an article about the Lavelin land.

Sylvia talked about the bike rodeo offered by CanBike (a program from Cycling Canada). This would be a free event. There are programs for children, adults and seniors. This is something that Brenda will look into for the spring.

Maeve said that the woman who used to pay for the lighting on Henry Lane is now no longer able to afford it. There is confusion about whether or not the city is responsible for this lighting and whether or not there is a hydro pole on the lane. Sue said that she was told when they bought their house that the lane was city property. She said she will look for her deed to see if it can clarify the issue.

Maeve suggested that she might speak with the Councillor at the AGM about this issue.

Peggy told the group that she sent a letter to the Councillor’s office about the need for a three-way stop at the corner of Lebreton and Henry.

The next meet is scheduled for Wednesday, 18 November at 6:30pm.


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