Letter to David Chernushenko Regarding Textbook Suites

Dear Residents,

I wanted to update you again regarding a meeting held with Councillor Chernushenko yesterday regarding the development application at this site. The meeting was attended by representatives from the Glebe Community Association, the Dows Lake Residents Association, and the Glebe Annex.

Key issues discussed included the issues raised in the recent GCA letter, namely, 1) 12 storey building height too close to Cambridge St 3) Introduction of a pedestrian entrance/exit off Cambridge Street, and 3) Significant reductions in parking. In addition, the more “monolithic” profile of the building particularly when viewed from the south was also discussed.

With regard to the parking issue raised, there was discussion that while 31 spaces is believed to be too significant of a reduction, the roughly 110 spaces required under revised minimum parking recommendations is probably more than what would be required or desired given this particular building location. Recent approval by the City’s Planning Committee for reduced parking at an existing apartment building in Centretown at a rate of .3 parking spaces/unit may provide one useful benchmark by which a compromise might be struck on this issue.

Our understanding now is that Councillor Chernushenko will support the community vis a vis the issues we raised (given the discussion above regarding likely seeking a compromise on parking). As a next step, he will work with City staff to arrange for a meeting with the developer, Textbook Suites, city planning staff, as well as community reps as early as next week. We are optimistic that this will result in improvements/revisions to the proposal.

Additional updates to follow, pending the meeting with the developer/city staff/Ward Councillor.

Carolyn Mackenzie
Chair, Planning Committee
Glebe Community Association