GACA Board Meeting – November 18, 2015

Glebe Annex Community Association

Board Meeting

November 18, 2015

Present: Sylvia Milne, Peggy Kampouris, Sue Stefko, Scott Blurton, Ron Poirier, Brenda Quinlan, Chris McCann, Darlene Charron

Call to order and welcome

Sylvia called the meeting to order at 6:35pm and welcomed everyone in attendance.  Sylvia welcomed all returning Directors, and thanked all retiring Directors.

Approval of the agenda

The Board approved the agenda.

Approval of the minutes from the September 16, 2015 meeting

The minutes of the October 21 meeting were approved.

Business arising from the last meeting

Application for civic funding

Sylvia advised that as a follow-on for the application for civic funding, she did some research into the required insurance.  An original quote for $350.00 / year was obtained.  Sylvia subsequently spoke with Vaughn Guy, Treasurer of the Glebe Community Association, who advised that a one-time event-specific insurance can be obtained for $125.00.

Leadership Breakfast at City Hall

Sylvia attended a Leadership Breakfast at City Hall on earlier in the week.

A major focus of the meeting was an overview of the LRT construction, planned for implementation in mid-2015.  The various communities present had the opportunity to present their priorities for 2016.  Sylvia stressed the importance to the Board of remaining vocal and visible to the Councillor Chernushenko’s Office on GACA’s priorities and what we’re working on to ensure that they are considered when funding decisions are made.

We should provide a list of GACA priorities to Davis Chernushenko, responsible City departments as well as copying the Glebe Community Association.

Treasurer’s report

Chris provided a summary of GACA’s account activities in the last month.

Starting balance: $1,489.00

Seed money for reserve fund:-500.00


Cash from new/ renewed memberships: +120.00

Current Account Balance: $1,109.00

The Board confirmed the motion to deposit $200.00 as an annual contribution to the contingency fund, which will be deposited each November (and confirmed annually).  This would leave $909.00 of operating revenue.

It was noted that the 2016 membership drive is not yet complete, with a concerted effort planned for the spring of 2016.

Membership report

Brenda confirmed that the Board has agreed to hold off on the formal membership campaign until the spring of 2016.  A summary of 2016 memberships sold to date includes:

32 regular memberships

1 two-year corporate membership

Total membership revenue to date:  $420.00


Sue recently attended a workshop on Starting a Community Garden.  She provided a summary of what’s required.

A substantial amount of labour will be required from the community to start a community garden, including acquiring the land.

Sue did some research on the vacant lot on Bell St. South between Maclean St and Carling Avenue.  The lot is part of a six-part strategic land disposal, managed by Public Works Canada, which will see the land transferred to the Canada Lands Corporation for sale at market value.  This transfer is expected to be complete in February 2016.  Basic studies have been done on land contaminants and stability.

Next steps include requesting the support and intervention by Ottawa Centre MP Catherine McKenna on the community’s behalf to facilitate the transfer of the land to the City of Ottawa. Sue has drafted a motion for the Glebe Community Association to review at their next Board meeting.  This motion is attached to these minutes as Appendix B.

Action: Sue has requested that Board Directors review this motion and provide input to her no later than Tuesday, November 24.

Ottawa 2017 Program

Brenda attended a meeting at City Hall last week to hear about the plans for Canada’s 150th Birthday – the Ottawa 2017 Program.  The Program will include provisions for community events through an enhanced Civic Funding program.  In 2017, $200,000 will be available for Civic Funding projects (up to $,5000 per project or, if two communities join forces for an event, to a maximum of $10,000).  Community Associations and Not-for-Profit organizations are eligible to apply for funding.  Events must be around statutory holidays or long weekends.  The idea is to foster civic pride, celebrate communities, and inspire youth.  Festival in a Box is available to participants and businesses – it contains banners and balloons. Applications for projects are to be received by the summer of 2016.

Additional notes related to the Ottawa 2017 presentation are contained in Appendix A.

Action: Iain will create a poster to advertise the AGM and will put copies up around the neighbourhood.

Other business

Henry Lane Lighting

Sue has done further research on the title of the land in Henry Lane, between Bell St. and Lebreton St.  Our Community Safety Audit identified this lane as needing lighting.  An existing light and pole are situated near Henry St., and until recent years, was maintained by a nearby resident.  During a meeting with Councillor Chernushenko last year to review the recommendations from the Safety Audit, we were advised that the lane was not City property.  Sue has obtained further information from the Land Registry, and will forward it to Peggy for follow-up.

Action:  Sue to provide Peggy with documentation related to Henry Lane ownership for follow-up with Councillor Chernushenko’s office.

The next meet is scheduled for Wednesday, January 20, at 6:30pm.


Appendix A

Notes from Ottawa 2017 presentation at City Hall on November 12, 2015

  • Guy Laflamme is Executive Director Ottawa 2017 – co-chairs are Councillors John Cloutier and Mathieu Fleury
  • Part of Civic Events Funding Program.  Usual amount is 50K but 2017 will be 200k.  Individual events usually 3k max but in 2017 will be 5k max and 10k max if two or more groups combine efforts
  • Events must be around statutory holidays/long weekends – 12 mos of events in city
  • Foster civic pride, celebrate communities, Ottawa and Canada, inspire youth
  • Community Associations and Not-For-Profits eligible
  • Events to bring people from outside to different communities
  • Arts, culture and festival industry involved as well as BIAs in 2017 push
  • New Arts Court will open in 2017
  • 7-8m tourists annually increase by 1.75m – more than PanAm games in TO
  • Improve the perception of Ottawa – bring about new image
  • Festival in a Box available to participants and businesses – banners, balloons – paint the town
  • Funds come from city, province, federal and private business such as Ottawa Senators
  • City bidding for Junos, Heritage Hockey and Grey Cup
  • City has Nat’l Road Racing with Gatineau, Nat’l Video Game Awards (can help grow video game industry in Ottawa), Nat’l Whitewater Kayak Championships, Na’tl Track and Field Championships, CanAm All Star Game
  • 40 embassies in Ottawa to sponsor special events at Aberdeen Pavilion on their country’s national day
  • Picnic July 2nd on sod-covered Alexandria bridge
  • 150 maple trees to be planted in each Ward
  • Possible food festival ie meals for $20.17
  • Special 2017 component to festivals such as Winterlude, Tulip, Bluesfest, Jazz etc.
  • May re-try for Guinness World Book record (people on canal)
  • Application for funds in summer 2016, selection fall 2016
  • Other programs may be available through Department of Canadian Heritage
  • Lots of excitement in room

Appendix B

Bell Street Motion:

WHEREAS a small triangle of gravelled, vacant land on Bell St South between MacLean St. and Carling Ave., which is soon to be transferred to Canada Lands Corporation, would be a significant addition to the limited available greenspace in the Glebe Annex, were it to be available for such use; and


the tiny Dalhousie South Park at 343 Bell St. South is the only other publicly available greenspace available in this community; and


urban greenspace is beneficial to both the community and the environment; and


This low income, high density neighbourhood can use this land to great benefit by exploring options such as growing food in a community garden on this site; and


This outcopping of land has little commercial value due to its small, irregular size and precarious position on the edge of a cliff,


That the Glebe Community Association requests that the new Ottawa Centre Member of Parliament Catherine McKenna intervene on her constituency’s behalf in order to facilitate the transfer of this parcel of land from Canada Land Corporation to the City of Ottawa for the creation of much-needed community greenspace.