GACA Board Meeting – April 20, 2016

Glebe Annex Community Association

Meeting of the Board of Directors

 April 20, 2016

Present: Scott Blurton, Darlene Charron, Peggy Kampouris, Chris McCann, Maeve McMahon, Sylvia Milne, Ron Poirier, Brenda Quinlan

Guests: Carrie Bolton, Stephanie Jones

1. Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order at 6:35 p.m.

2. Welcome to All.

3. Approval of the Agenda 

Amendment: “Cleaning the Capital on May 7th”. (Darlene Charron)

Approved by: Peggy Kampouris

4. Motion to approve minutes from February 17th, 2016

**No meeting was held in March due to inclement weather and illnesses.

Sylvia Milne put forward a motion to approve the minutes. This was seconded by Brenda Quinlan.

5. Business arising from the previous meeting

i) Henry Lane Lighting

Peggy sent the councillor the information regarding the ownership of Henry Lane for purposes of lighting. The “Right of Way Lighting Policy” is dated September 9, 2015. Peggy received a response from the city today. The city responded that “any new lane lighting is not to be installed due to already existing lights at both ends of the lane.” The City claims it is not responsible for lighting inside the laneway.

Carrie noted that the lights on Henry street itself sometimes do not work. The problem/malfunction usually occurs on Thursdays.

She wishes the light at the east end of Henry Street was lower.

Sylvia asked for the exact finding in the safety audit. Peggy proceeded to list the audit finding. The date of the audit was October 2014.

Recently, there was a police report regarding an individual lurking in this area.

Action:  Sylvia has suggested that we send a delegation to meet with David Chernushenko regarding this issue. A sub-committee should  prepare for the presentation to David Chernushenko. Sub-committee to include Peggy, Stephanie, Maeve, Scott and Darlene.

Peggy will take pictures of the Lane to show everyone what is actually there.

Update: The sub-committee met at The Lakelander on Tuesday, April 26th.

Peggy and Stephanie will also meet with residents in the area on Thursday, April 28th.

A meeting date was set for Monday, May 16th at Henry Lane with David Chernushenko..

ii) Parks and Recreation

The first meeting with the Glebe Parks’ Association (planning for parks) was cancelled due to inclement weather. Darlene was unable to attend the re-scheduled one. She suggested that Sue Stefko would probably receive any updates and pass the information on to her.

No word has been received yet either on the empty lot across from 393, 391, 389 and 387 Bell Street South. Sue had been in contact with the MP. The land, originally owned by SNC Lavallin, (PWGSC) is now operated by Brownfield on a contract.

Sylvia introduces motion to reimburse Sue Stefko for Henry Lane ownership audit in the amount of $30. Seconded by Darlene. Approved by all on board. Chris writes up the cheque.

Action: Darlene will drop off the cheque at Sue’s house.

Cleaning The Capital“: Our annual spring clean-up is registered and scheduled for Saturday, May 7th with a rain date of Saturday, May 14th. Start time is 10:00 a.m. at Dalhousie South Park (343 Bell Street South).

The kit (at City Hall) was picked up by a new member (Debbie Tracey).

No BBQ this year.

Coffee and Timbits are being donated by Tim Horton’s on Bronson Avenue (thanks to manager Mitzi).

Sylvia will pick these up at 9:45 that Saturday.

Water is being donated by Abbas’ Grocery.

Action: Scott will send an email reminder to the membership list.

Sylvia has already dropped off a letter in person to the Glebe Collegiate principal asking for student volunteers.

Darlene suggested sending a Twitter message from the G.A.C.A. account to the high schools that students living in our area attend: Glebe, Immaculata, Notre Dame. She drafted messages with each school’s Twitter address and sent the email to David Perkins.

iii) Traffic/Safety – Peggy Kampouris

Action:  See update from May 18th meeting.

6. Treasurer’s Report – Chris McCann

We have a reserve fund of $500.

Operating Balance is $1070.

Membership Drive has not been done yet. See agenda item #7.

Chris put forward a motion to pay for the membership fees to the Federation of Citizen’s Associations of Ottawa- Fédération des associations civiques d’Ottawa (FCA-FAC)

Motion approved by board. Cheque for FCA in the amount of $30 was drawn up.

7. Membership – Brenda Quinlan

The board had agreed at the previous meeting to a membership blitz.

Brenda has already started the membership drive for The Lakelander. We have had enormous support from this building. We have never had a membership drive where each street was covered so Brenda suggested a two-hour membership blitz on Sunday, May 15th.

Helpers: Darlene, Sylvia, Scott, Carrie, Peggy

As part of this blitz, we might do a survey to find out how well we are serving residents.

Brenda had already forwarded an email to Scott for him to ask residents for assistance, but there has been no response.

Action: Brenda will look into contacting the condo board presidents for The Glasgow and Powell Lofts.

8. Bike Rodeos – Brenda Quinlan

Brenda has drafted a poster and David will print and distribute (including tacking the posters to telephone poles).

Saturday, June 4th: Bike rodeo for children ages 6 to 10 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.. Government of Canada parking lot on Lebreton Street (at Carling). Rain date: Sunday, June 5th from 10 to 12.

Free registration. Pre-registration required.

Action: Brenda to put together an ad for posting on the G.A.C.A. website.

Darlene to forward the ad to principal of St. Anthony School to advertise/promote the event.

Update: Principal advertised the event on the school’s Facebook page.

Thursday, June 9th: Bike rodeo for adults / Tran-Bike Commuters from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Maximum of 6 participants.

Includes theory, cycling skills and on-road comments. Free of charge but need to register. Registration on a first-come, first- served basis.

Registration can either be done by email or by phone to Brenda.

Rain date: Friday, June 10th

Action: Brenda to draft an email for Scott to forward to our database.

9. Planning and Development – Chris McCann

The city came up with a new parking policy. Closed now for comments. The new policy reduces demands for residents to provide parking (0.5 per unit per 0.3 per unit)

  • 774 Bronson Ave. – Numerous issues with the proposed development. Sylvia notes that it was developed for students, but not restricted to students. It was mainly marketed to students. Disclosure has changed. Twelve stories. Parking will be an issue.
  • 770 Bronson – Equivalent of 17 story building. Developer is proposing a 67% increase in height. Reduction of parking by 44%. Entrance on Carling, exit on Bronson. Retail operation on second floor of building. Has not gone to planning committee but closed for comment on Tuesday of this week.
  • Other developments are planned for Bank Street. A meeting is scheduled for tomorrow night, April 21st, in regards to 880-900 Bank Street. Sylvia and Scott will attend.

10. FCA Update – Scott Blurton

Motion to pay our $30 Annual Membership Fee. Forwarded by Scott. Seconded by Sylvia. Approved.

11. Glebe Report – Doug Milne (our “reporter’)

Deadline is this Friday (April 22nd). Doug will take care of our submission.  Maeve   suggested mentioning Henry Lane. Doug will also take photos at our “Cleaning the Capital” event on May 7th.

Action: Scott will update the G.A.C.A. website with a link to the Glebe Report.

12. New Business – 

i) Jane’s Walk: Proposal for May 7th and May 8th.

See website:

Maeve suggested Brian Smith as a possibility as our neghbourhood’s tour guide or “Carl”.

Action: The executive recommended that we look into this event next year and develop a theme and a story.

ii) Drug Trafficking: There is suspicious activity happening behind building on Plymouth Street involving a black SUV. There is also suspicious activity happening in parking lot at corner of Bell Street South and Carling Avenue.

Action: The executive recommends that residents call police when illegal activity appears to be happening.

13. Next Board Meeting: Wednesday, May 18th

Adjournment: Motion by Scott. Seconded by Peggy.

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