Glebe Neighbourhood Cycling Plan – Craig-Percy-Fifth Intersection UPDATE

Dear Glebe Annex residents,

Please find the following email send out from the City of Ottawa providing an update of comments regarding the Glebe Neighbourhood Cycling Plan.


Dear residents and interested members of the public,
Thank you for taking time to provide your input on the Craig-Percy-Fifth intersection design through the Glebe Neighbourhood Cycling Plan study process.  This location has received (and continues to receive) a high level of public interest.
Since the last update provided on February 29th, 2016, concerns about the preferred alternative have been highlighted by residents.  In particular, many found that option presented greater risk for vulnerable road users than previous options presented to a high degree due to the design of the south leg of the intersection.
To date, many options have been explored.  While most suggestions from the public were not feasible for a variety of functional, legal, safety, and/or cost reasons, some were.  Staff developed several feasible options for public consideration as a result.  None of the options presented to date (including the “do nothing” option) have generated a high level of community consensus.  In addition, there has been renewed energy demonstrated for consideration of the proposed closure option presented back at a public meeting on November 5, 2015.  [Please note: staff are not revisiting the proposed closure options given that it makes legal northbound cycling operation more awkward than the existing condition, the high level of concerns related to re-directing traffic to other local streets, and the lack of consensus.]  A suggestion to pilot the closure option was tabled and discussed at the request from a number of residents.  However, even under a pilot version of the closure options, the issue remains with the operational concerns associated with northbound cycling regardless of temporary or permanent status that goes with it.
At this time, the City is considering a minor change to the intersection which involves implementing a raised crosswalk on the east leg of the intersection (crossing Fifth Avenue in approximately the same location as the current crosswalk), some pavement marking changes, and potentially re-positioning some signage to discourage parking near the intersection.  While a raised crosswalk was also considered on the west leg, the cost was found to be too significant in this location due to the requirement to remove/relocate numerous underground access hatches and catch basins.
Again, we appreciate your interest in this matter and the input you have provided to date.
Should you have any questions or would like clarification on any of the details above, please feel free to contact the undersigned.
Justin Swan
Planning and Growth Management – City of Ottawa
Planning and Infrastructure Portfolio
Phone: (613) 580.2424 Ext. 21636