GACA Board Meeting – February 20, 2018

Minutes, Executive Meeting- Tuesday, February 20, 2018
Location: Glebe Community Centre 175 Third Ave – Meeting Room

1. Call to Order: 7:13 p.m.

Present:   Sue Stefko, David Perkins, Maja Rakocevic

2. Amendments/Approval of Agenda

Unanimous approval

3. Amendments/Acceptance of minutes of the last meeting, January 17, 2018

Unanimous approval

3. Business arising from the minutes of the last meeting

NDP Candidate

Volunteers from the NDP candidate who wanted to address GACA, Joel Harden, have not been back in touch, and so the meeting with him will not happen. To date, little information has been released on his platform, and GACA will not look into this further.

289 Carling Tour

Sue provided a follow-up about the tour of projects related to 289 Carling. Two sites were visited – Cornerstone near Chinatown, and Salus in Westboro. Both seemed to be well-managed and integrated into the community. Many of those who attended the tours were more comfortable with the proposal to build supportive housing after the tour, but much research still needs to be done. The city intends to take ownership of the land prior to the end of this fiscal year, but it is still unclear as to when the request for proposal will go out, and when the building will start to be built.

Glebe Report

Sue asked if there were any volunteers to write future Glebe Report articles.

4. New Business

Community Clean-up

The Glebe Community Association has asked us to select a date for our clean-up this spring so that it could be included in the Glebe Report. It was decided to hold the clean-up on the actual ‘Capital Cleanup Weekend’ on Saturday, April 28th, at 10:30, with the rain date the following Saturday (May 5th) if required. Sue will reach out to the Buduchnist Credit Union to see if they might consider sponsoring the clean-up with coffee and doughnuts once again.

Civic Hospital Update

Sue provided an overview of the unveiling of the initial concept drawings of the hospital. To date, the hospital seems to be listening to the community, planning for underground parking and leaving as many mature trees in place as possible, particularly around the berms surrounding Queen Juliana Park. A number of community associations, including GACA, are planning to be present at the hospital’s next Community Engagement Group (CEG) meeting in order to ensure continued community representation in the process. The meeting is expected to take place on Tuesday, March 6th. Heidi is GACA’s representative on the CEG.

Booth St Complex Update

Canada Lands Company held a public open house to unveil its draft preferred concept plan on February 15th. While some people were concerned about the height of the site’s five proposed towers, and some expressed concern regarding traffic, congestion, and parking, the majority of attendees were happy with the proposed plans for the complex, which envisages the development of a mixed-use community that will maintain the heritage character of the buildings, will create a small new community park, and  will include a number of publically accessible green spaces for the community to gather in.

Lower Residential Speed Limits

Maja is in the midst of doing research on the pilot project presently in place in Ontario, and will return to the board in the coming months to see how our community may be able to push for such measures in our neighbourhood. Maja has obtained the traffic study which was conducted in this neighbourhood in 2007, which she will use to help analyze which streets have traditionally been problematic with respect to speeding. While the report is several years old, it is the last systematic study done on this neighbourhood, and it is difficult to have the city commit to conduct such studies due to the time and expense involved, so may be the best resource that we have.

Membership Proposals

In Heidi’s absence, Sue described some of the measures that GACA is currently considering in order to reach more residents for both our mailing list as well as potential membership candidates. This will become a larger theme in future meetings, as our membership is dwindling from a high of 120 to a number now in the 60’s.

The last two agenda items, the event proposal and the FCA meeting recap, were deferred.

5. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 8:33 p.m. The motion put forward by David, seconded by Maja.