GACA 2018 Membership Drive

GACA will soon launch our 2018 membership drive. You will be receiving notices in your mailboxes (for those mailboxes we can access!) from canvassers responsible for your part of the neighbourhood. Those notices will include our 2018 survey, which our canvassers will pick up (hopefully already filled out!) when they come by to canvass.

The surveys help us to see what is of most interest/concern in our neighbourhood to better direct our efforts going forward. Regardless if you intend to be a member or not, your views are welcome, and we encourage you to fill out the short survey.

This year marks the first time we are teaming up with local businesses to make GACA memberships even more rewarding. All those purchasing a membership during the drive (from now until July 1st) will receive coupons from local businesses, and each email address we gain or renew will be eligible for a draw for gift certificates.

This is also the first year we are offering online memberships. Please see our website at if you would rather purchase a membership online.

If you are in a condo/apartment building and are interested in a membership or the survey, please let us know by emailing us at

Memberships will be valid until April 30th, 2019.