GACA Board Meeting – February 19, 2019

Minutes, Glebe Annex Community Association Executive Meeting – Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Location: Glebe Community Centre, 175 Third Ave, Meeting Room

  • Carrie Bolton
  • David Perkins
  • Sue Stefko
  • Maja Rakocevic
  • Jonathan McLeod (Assistant, Office of Shawn Menard, City Councillor, Capital Ward)

1. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m.

2. Approval of Agenda

Amendment to the agenda to include time for Carrie to speak on the Protector’s Circle.
  • Motion to accept the amended agenda was made by Maja and seconded by Sue.

3. Acceptance of minutes of November 20, 2018 and January 15th, 2019 board meetings

No changes requested to the minutes of November 20, 2018 or January 15, 2019.
  • Motion to accept the meetings was made by Sue and seconded by Carrie.

4. Business Arising from minutes of January 15, 2019 (Sue)

4.1. Planning for 2019 GACA Annual General Meeting (Sue)

Sue mentioned that Canada Lands Company (CLC), Ottawa Police Constable Lemieux and Councillor Menard have confirmed their attendance for the GACA 2019 AGM.
CLC will give a short presentation about CLC, and will announce the preferred design for the 291 Carling Ave development, which is located at the corner of Carling Ave and Lebreton St.
Sue suggested that early administrative business be kept to a minimum to allow more time for the speakers. CLC would be immediately followed by Constable Lemieux.

4.2. Letter to Mayor on the selection of City of Ottawa Committee members (Sue)

Mayor Watson has responded to the joint letter from the Dow’s Lake Residents’ Association (DLRA), Glebe Community Association (GCA), and GACA regarding membership selection of the City of Ottawa’s standing committees.
The Mayor confirmed that Council will revisit committee membership selection during the mid-term Governance Review in two years.
The GCA will consider responding to the mayor, stating that they hope that the forthcoming by-election in Rideau-Rockcliffe may provide an opportunity sooner than two years’ time to shift committee membership.

4.3. Protector’s Circle (Carrie)

Carrie raised Ecology Ottawa’s donor support initiative known as Protector’s Circle. Funds raised for the initiative include supporting objectives such as seeking climate change action from the City of Ottawa, lobbying for green infrastructure and restoring Ottawa’s tree canopy.
Carrie suggest that if GACA were to make a donation to the initiative that it should be a onetime amount.
Maja mentioned that the GACA account shows only one donation has ever been made, in 2014 for the amount of $100. The donation was given to the Dalhousie Community Association, another Ottawa community association.
  • ACTION: Carrie to provide background information on the Protector’s Circle to Sue for board circulation. The board will continue to discuss its position on making donations to this or other organizations, after further study, and when more board members are present.

5. Update from City Councillor’s office (Jonathan)

5.1. Bronson Ave Renewal Project

The Bronson Ave Renewal Project is scheduled to start in the spring of 2019, ending fall 2019. It will replace sewer and water mains from Arlington Ave to Argyle Ave.
It is anticipated that Bronson Ave will be reduced to one lane of traffic during this period, probably in the southbound direction.
It is work that has to be done before work begins on the Bronson Ave off-ramp. The dangers to pedestrians walking across the Bronson Ave off-ramp was raised by Sue.
The renewal project will be raised during the public information session about the project, scheduled for February 28, 2019, at the Glebe Community Centre.

5.2. Councillor’s office meeting with John Howard Society

The Councillor and his office met with two representatives from the John Howard Society (JHS). The JHS mentioned they are eager to engage with the surrounding communities.
The format of the March 7th JHS open house and information session was discussed. The Councillor, or members of his office, intend to be there, as well as Ottawa Affordable Housing unit.
The current plan is to have a more informal open-house style event at the beginning to allow community members to engage with staff, followed by a formal presentation, and then additional time for questions.

5.3. Bank St Character Study

Jonathan provided some background on the Bank St Character Study.
The first consultation took place on Thursday, February 21st. The scope is limited, mainly focusing on building height.

5.4. 291 Carling Ave

The Councillor has very little background on the 291 Carling Ave development, but there are plans to meet with Canada Lands Company (CLC) soon.
Sue confirmed that there is not much recent information that can be shared by CLC publicly.
To date, CLC has shown 3 proposed development plans during its most recent community consultation. The preferred option will be revealed by CLC at the 2019 GACA Annual General Meeting this coming May.
  • ACTION: Sue to send Jonathan background on community feedback regarding the development.

5.5. Booth St.

The Councillor has little background on the Booth St Complex redevelopment project, other than what is already publicly available.

5.6 Carling Ave Development

The Councillor’s office is aware of tentative plans to develop cycling infrastructure along a short portion of Carling Ave, near Sherwood Dr.
Sue mentioned that there have been a number of plans to introduce cycling lanes on portions of Carling Ave over the last number of years. The new Civic Hospital location will also impact traffic flow in the area, including cycling and pedestrian traffic.

6. Treasurer’s Report (Maja)

Current bank balance: $3,200
To date there have only been two expenditures during the 2018-2019 year:
  • Federation of Citizens’ Associations of Ottawa, for annual membership
  • Glebe Community Association, annual payment of $2 per GACA member
Maja will set aside $200 for the contingency fund. The contingency fund is already earmarked, so no board vote is required.
  • ACTION: Board to discuss at a future date the ongoing need to have a contingency fund set-aside.

7. TD Parks Grant application (Sue)

Sue provided a brief on the TD Parks Grant application. Grant applicants will be notified in April if they are a recipient.
The grant provides $2000 for three events in a park from April to December. Grant proposals are to encourage park and greenspace stewardship.
The three events being put forward in the GACA proposal include:
  • Free yoga in Dalhousie South Park
  • Community park party, in conjunction with Carleton University (TBC)
  • Movie night in the park

8. Development update: 289 Carling, Booth St Complex, Bronson Ave consultation (Sue)

The Booth St complex zoning proposal will be going to Planning Committee on February 28th, then it will be turned around quickly for Council approval. (There are two reports online – one is a report to the Built Heritage Subcommittee, and the other to the Planning Committee)

9. Ward Council – Report (Sue)

The first Ward Council was held on January 31st. For this first meeting, all community associations in the ward were given an opportunity to speak about their priorities. The frequency and format of future meetings has yet to be decided.

10. Adjournment

  • Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Sue and seconded by David.