GACA Board Meeting – March 19, 2019

Minutes, Glebe Annex Community Association Executive Meeting – Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Location: Glebe Community Centre, 175 Third Ave, Meeting Room

  • Carrie Bolton
  • Cathy
  • Joanne Benoit
  • David Perkins
  • Sue Stefko
  • Maja Rakocevic
  • Jonathan McLeod (Assistant, Office of Shawn Menard, City Councillor, Capital Ward)

1. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 7:03 p.m.

2. Approval of Agenda

Amendment to the agenda was made to add the AGM as a topic following the Dalhousie Park re-opening, Take 2.
  • The motion to accept the amended agenda was made Joanne and seconded by Maja.

3. Acceptance of minutes of February 19, 2019 board meeting

No changes were proposed to the minutes of February 19, 2019
  • Motion to accept the minutes was made by Carrie and seconded by Maja.

4.   Business Arising from the Minutes of February 19, 2019

There were no matters arising from the previous minutes.

5. Update from City Councillor Shaw Menard’s Office (Jonathan)

5.1   Capital Ward has a new member

Jonathan announced that Councillor Menard and his wife had a baby girl, Hazel, who was born on March 18th.

5.2 John Howard Society (JHS) Open House (Sue)

There was a big turn out at the JHS Open House
Attendees raised a variety of concerns including:
  • Uncertainty/concern regarding who the building residents would be
  • The possibility of 289 Carling residents affecting neighbourhood safety, particularly in nearby parks
  • The programs offered/number of people attending programs at this location for non-building residents
  • That people may loiter outside the building
One woman attending the meeting spoke of her personal experience.  She lived in Vanier when a similar housing complex had been built. She was very opposed to it initially. She said that it turned out to be a positive experience, and that the building’s residents are great neighbours. She was emotional in expressing her support for this project.
The JHS felt that the meeting was productive, and that it was helpful to better understand the community’s concerns.

5.3 Budget Vote and the LRT Stage II vote

At city council, Councillor Menard expressed concerns about both the budget and the LRT Stage II.
In the end, he did vote in support of the budget. He would like to have seen a transit fare freeze with the delays to the LRT and would have like to have seen more money allocated for affordable housing. It was not the budget the councillor would like to have seen, but there were some good things in it.
Councillor Menard voted against the LRT Stage II, as did Diane Deans and Rick Chiarelli.   He supports the LRT but there are too many unanswered questions and concerns with Stage 2 to approve it. He wants to ensure there is an open and not a closed-door approach to stage 2.

5.4 OC Transpo Bus Service Bronson/Carling

The 101 and 103 will become one route, the 55. Unlike the current 103, the 55 will go on Bronson instead of Booth. There will be a new connection between the Ottawa Hospital Civic and General Campuses (the route will go to Lees, but no longer to Hurdman Station). The 55 will not operate west of Main St. on Sundays, and as such, will not provide service to the General Campus that day.
Route 10 will stop at the LRT station at Lyon, and not continue past that. The new bus routes will take effect after the LRT service commences. They can be found on the OC Transpo Ready 4 Rail site (
Catherine asked why so many buses are on the road with “out of service” indicated on the front of the bus.  Jonathan explained that this is because many of them, once they finish their routes, travel to start another route. OC Transpo feels as if this is the most efficient use of drivers and buses. Jonathan recognized that it can be frustrating to see an empty bus bypass waiting transit users, particularly during rush hour. Cathy suggested that the buses who are enroute to another location bring riders to that location, indicating that it is an express route – e.g. ‘express route to Rideau Centre’. This could augment the service provided for some riders. Jonathan promised to pass that suggestion to OC Transpo.

6. GLAD Cleaning the Capital – Date Selection

GACA selected the date of May 4th, with a rain date of May 5th, from 10:30 until 12, either day.

7. JHS Society Build – 289 Carling – Design Review and Suggestions (Sue)

The board considered any questions the GACA board should ask of the JHS in the aftermath of the open house, particularly regarding the design of the new building. Questions to be asked include:
  • Where will the contractors be parking?
  • Will there be privacy screens on the rooftop balconies?
  • Will JHS provide custom blinds in the units (versus the tenants having a variety of curtains or makeshift curtains, e.g. sheets hanging in the window)?
  • Will there be individual AC units or a large unit on the roof?
  • Can any of the existing trees be protected and kept?
  • Is there a possibility of having a green roof on the third-floor rooftop balcony?
  • Will they use bird friendly glass?

8. Membership Drive 2019 (Sue)

There is a new info sheet for canvassers that the board was asked to review and provide feedback on.
Last year we dropped off GACA introductions and indicated that we would return for a follow-up canvassing visit. This seemed to work well. We will do that this year with a pamphlet – drop it off, and then return to canvass a few days to a week later.
The board reviewed and provided comments on the wording for the new GACA pamphlet. David will circulate the pamphlet design before the next meeting.
It was decided that we will not do a survey this year, but change the canvasser script to be more welcoming, including perhaps some ice-breaker type of questions to encourage dialogue and provide the board with some info about members.

9.  Dalhousie Park reopening – Take 2

The Dalhousie Park reopening date chosen was June 22nd, 1 – 4 p.m., with a rain date of June 23rd (same time).
CKCU has agreed to partner with us, so the sound system and DJ is taken care of.
If we do spend any of our budget, it will be here – this party will be our marquis event for the year – although we hope we will get the TD park grant.
Activities suggested for the party included:
  • Ottawa Art Gallery, craft pop up.
  • Face Painting
  • Bike safety, although the board felt that this could be a separate event.
  • Jonathan will look at the possibility of having a mascot at the park event.  The Champions baseball teams has one, he will also enquire about the OC Transpo Owl.

10.  AGM – May 9th

The AGM will be held on May 9th 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Set up will need to take place at 6:00 p.m.
Sue will present, as will Maja with a Treasurer’s report. Joanne will decide if she will provide a safety report.
It was decided that we will invite Christine from the JHS to the AGM, not as a speaker but to be on hand if questions do arise regarding the JHS build.
Brenda will be at the AGM to sell GACA memberships.
The Canada Lands Corporation and our Community Police Officer(s) will be the guest speakers, in addition to our Councillor.

11.  Adjournment

  • Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Sue and seconded by Maja.

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