890/900 Bank Street Development Proposal – Open for Comments

Dear Glebe Annex Residents,

The following proposal for 890/900 Bank Street has been submitted to the City of Ottawa. The City has published the proposal on the City’s DevApps site and are welcoming public comments until September 15th. If you have any comments, please forward them to Ann O’Connor ann.o’connor@ottawa.ca.

Redevelopment of what is now largely a surface parking lot would be a very positive step and this proposal includes a number of positive elements.  However, the Glebe Community Association (GCA) is discussing concerns raised about the negative impacts (i.e. shading and wind effects, building “loom”, privacy, etc.) of the proposal for increased height and massing/scale).

The Glebe Community Association’s Planning Committee is concerned that the building does not provide an appropriate height transition compatible with the low-rise character of the Glebe’s Traditional Mainstreet and the surrounding low-rise residential neighbourhood.  More specifically, the planning committee has drafted the following overall comments:

  • the 6 storey height proposed on the “Mr Muffler” portion of the property backing on to Monk St residents, particularly given reduced rear setback the developer is allowed, is excessive.  Negative impacts (shading, building loom, potential wind impacts) are not compatible with low-rise residential and therefore this portion of the building should remain at the current 15 m/4 storey cap.
  • Similarly, the 6 storeys fronting Monk St (and side on to Monk St residents) should also be reduced to 4 storeys.
  • the 8 storeys fronting Bank St is incompatible with the low-rise character in the core of the Glebe’s Traditional Mainstreet.  While some consideration can be given increased height above the current 15m cap, this should only occur where the upper storeys are stepped back to respect a 45 degree angle line of sight.

The GCA will be drafting comments to provide to the City (a further update will be sent out when posted to the GCA project page). So please also consider sharing your views with the GCA by copying: planning@glebeca.ca  We’d like to hear from you.

More details from the city is included below.


A significant development proposal for Bank Street

890/900 Bank Street
890/900 Bank Street










You can now look at this significant proposal for Bank Street on the City’s Devapps site http://app01.ottawa.ca/postingplans/appDetails.jsf?lang=en&appId=__00BPB0

The proposal includes construction of an 8-storey mixed-use building (commercial at grade, retirement residence on upper storeys). The “Beer Store” and “Mr Muffler” are there now. The property is zoned Traditional Mainstreet, with a height limit of just 15 metres (4 – 5 storeys). It is situated immediately north of Kettlemen’s Bagels (one storey) as well as both backing onto and located immediately beside 2 1/2 storey residential homes on Monk Street. They are requesting a “minor re-zoning” to allow for a height limit of 26 metres (8 storeys).

Now is the time to have your voice heard – What do you think?

The City’s deadline for accepting comments from the public is September 15th. They should be forwarded to Ann O’Connor ann.o’connor@ottawa.ca.

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