2016 Annual General Meeting

Thursday, November 3, 2016
Glebe Community Centre
175 Third Avenue at Lyon

1. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 6:32.

2. Welcome and President’s Report

Scott Blurton introduced himself and spoke a bit about the history of our Association and some of the developments happening in our area.

3. Meet the Directors of GACA

Current directors are: Scott Blurton (President), Sylvia Milne (Past President), Chris McCann (Treasurer), Darlene Charron and Peggy Kampouris (Secretaries), Maeve McMahon, Ron Poirier, Brenda Quinlan and Sue Stefko. Our webmaster is David Perkins.

4. Approval of agenda

The motion to approve the agenda was put forth by Lori Hill and seconded by Doug Milne. Unanimous approval by all in attendance.

5. Approval of minutes of Annual Meeting, October 28th, 2015.

The motion to approve the minutes from October 2015 was put forth by Peggy Kampouris and seconded by Ron Poirier. Unanimous approval by all in attendance.

6. Business arising from the minutes

No business arising from minutes.

*** A change to the original order of the agenda (Items #7 and #8) had to be done as our keynote speaker, Councillor David Chernushenko, had not arrived yet. Constable Dawn Neilly was unable to attend and sent her regrets.

7. Committee Reports – Part 1

a) Treasurer– Chris McCann

Scott presented G.A.C.A.’s Income Statement as Chris was unable to attend the  meeting.

Total Revenue: $1110

Total expenses: $693

Net Operating Revenue: $417

Reserve Funds (Contingency Fund): $500.

********Please see Attachment #1 (Chris’  Detailed Income Statement)

b) Membership (deferred to later in the agenda as people were still coming in.)

c) Parks and Recreation – Sue Stefko

Sue spoke about the history of Dalhousie South Park (built 25 years ago).

Slated for renewal in 2017.

Results of survey about the park from residents:

  • Leaving some green space for soccer and other sports’ activities
  • Multi-age play structure
  • Swing set  (Note: This is challenging due to lack of space.)
  • Keeping good seating in park.

Sue is hoping to have another large-scale event in the park this year.

Sue also spoke about the piece of land between Carling and Maclean (top of hill on Bell Street South, across from townhouses at 387, 389, 391 and 393 Bell Street South).

She encouraged residents to submit more ideas by emailing: info@glebeannex.ca.

d) Traffic/Safety/Security– Peggy Kampouris

  • Peggy spoke about the “Community Safety Audit” which was completed 2 years ago.
  • Safety and security are ongoing concerns on Henry Lane. This is the area between Bell and Lebreton. There have been garage break-ins, car break-ins and prowlers due to lack of good lighting.

The City Bylaw does not allow for lighting to be put on the Lane. However, a “Freedom of Information” request has been submitted to the City in hopes of finding more reports of crime in the Lane.

  • Another workshop on safety and crime is planned with Constable Dawn Neilly, our Ottawa Police Community Police Centre Officer. Constable Neilly can be reached at 613-236-1222 ext. 5871.
  • For Home Security Inspections, please call Constable Neilly.
  • STEP: Ottawa’s Selective Traffic Enforcement Program

Two traffic safety priorities are highlighted each month.

******Please see attachment #2 for Peggy’s full report.

b)  Membership and e) Planning     **To be done after Councillor David Chernushenko’s speech.

8. Keynote Speaker: David Chernushenko, Capital Ward Councillor

David spoke about the STEP program and was able to tell us that the two priorities for November would be:

1) Red Light Running

2) Coming to a complete stop at STOP signs.

  • Residents can request access to information for any statistics.
  • David mentioned that “No call is too little”. In the cases of “Smash and Grab”, if the police don’t know about it, then they can’t do anything about it.
  • Taggart Building (265 Carling): Rezoning was approved but “modifications remain to be seen.”
  • 289 Carling:
    • Federally owned. Declared surplus.
    • Currently, there are 11,000 people on waiting list for affordable housing.
    • “Housing for Homelessness”: Caretaker, agency would be required.
    • Project is only at the beginning stage. City must wait to see if they have the right to build a particular residence or agency.
    • Many examples of agencies running residences to meet the needs already exist in our city.
    • 55 Bachelor units. Single people need stable housing; need to be close to transportation.
    • Agency to be selected would be one that has the means to run a safe residence (reputable, maintenance, surveillance)
    • The City is not allowed to discriminate.
    • David reminded everyone that he ran on the platform of “Affordable Housing” when sought to be re-elected to our Ward.
    • Concerns/questions from people in attendance:
      • Decrease in Property Values?
        • According to David, loitering on sidewalks, graffiti, and litter on sidewalks bring down property values.
      • What level of service will be in the proposed building?
      • What about services and transit for the new residents? Better transit access
        • (Bronson and Carling are already dealing with traffic and bus issues.
        • Bronson Avenue is known as “an arterial main street”.)
      • Where are the resources for these people?
      • Where are the jobs?
      • Who is the service provider?
      • Who is the client?
    • Stages of the Proposal:
      • The city was granted “permission to acquire the land for a $1”.
      • David was informed in June. He was only given notice of the Planning Committee 6 days ahead.
      • In order for the city to get monies:
        • What is the concept?
        • Zoned for what height?
      • First Stage: When the City has applied and gotten the grant from the government.
      • Second Stage: Out for tender to an agency. Proposals are brought to the Planning   Committee.
      • Not faster than 3 years for it to be built.
    • More Questions from the Floor: 
      • Will the City go ahead if only one proposal is submitted?
      • We keep hearing that land in our area is so expensive, yet we have a lot of residents needing a grocery store. How come a Sobey’s was built downtown at 193 Metcalfe (between Nepean and Lisgar)?
      • What about “Inclusionary Zoning?”
        • Answer: This is not in Ontario yet.
        • No one wants “ghettoization”. The City is moving towards mixed-use residences.
        • Check with MP Catherine McKenna in terms of Federal Land Transfers.
        • Bill for Inclusionary Housing/Zoning?
        • Check provincial website: http://www.mah.gov.on.ca/Page13790.aspx
      • What is the plan for our neighbourhood?

President Scott Blurton thanked Councillor Chernushenko for his time and effort in trying to answer all questions. David wanted to stay to listen to Sylvia Milne’s Committee Report on “Planning”.

8. Committee Reports (Part 2)

e) Planning – Sylvia Milne

Sylvia thanked members of G.A.C.A. and “Members at large” who have been involved with Planning and Consultation.

265 Carling

There are 4 continuing issues:

  • Height (18 stories) * Amendment to bylaw zoning.
  • Entrance and Egress -Changed a number of times
  • Transition – Current landscape
  • Density – Double the density is in play

We may have a better chance of winning an appeal than we did more than 3 years ago.

289 Carling  

We will just have to wait and see and watch for further developments.

Presentation by MPP Yasir Naqvi on Wednesday, November 9th.

Proposed changes to OMB.

At St. Anthony’s Soccer Hall (523 St. Anthony Street) http://www.stanthonysbanquethall.ca/Contact/Location/tabid/3072/Default.aspx

b) Membership – Brenda Quinlan

Brenda thanked her canvassers who covered various areas seeking to sign up members. We now have 98 members, with hopes of registering more. Memberships expire April 2017.

9. Nomination and Election of Directors for 2017

Scott thanked the Board members for all of their hard work this past year. In particular, he mentioned two who are not seeking re-election due to other volunteer commitments: Brenda Quinlan and Ron Poirier.

Nomination from the floor: Larissa Schieven (approved by all).

10. Q & A Session

A concern was raised how the Taggart presentation was handled.

No other questions from the floor. Members are encouraged to access our website at: www.glebeannex.ca or follow us on Twitter at: @glebeannex

11. Raffle – $500 Power Wash certificate

The certificate is expired and will be checked to see if one can still use it. If not, a gift certificate to a restaurant of the winner’s choice will be purchased.

The winner was Térèse Crandall who opted to give the funds back to the GACA.

12. The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 pm

Motion put forward by Sylvia Milne. Seconded by Peggy Kampouris.

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