299 Carling Park Consultation

Canada Lands has launched its park consultation for 299 Carling.

The proposed plan provides a potential layout for the new park. The plan incorporates some of the suggestions received to date regarding park amenities. Things that are open for comment include:

  • The layout itself, including access points (marked by the green dots)
  • Types of trees and other vegetation
  • Types of playground equipment (which ages should the playground target? Is there any particular type of play structure you’d like to see? The term ‘playground’ can encompass things such as adult exercise equipment.)
  • The proposed public art (what types of art would you like to see? What kind of reflection place would be meaningful There will be a public competition to select the actual art/artist at a later date but ideas/themes would be helpful.)
  • Details on the gathering space (should this include a gazebo or other structure? What should the materials, style or arrangement be like?)

The cultural reference will be a commemorative area for the Algonquins of Ontario, who are partnering with Canada Lands on this project.

Of note, a new play structure for about 5 to 12-year-olds has recently been installed in Dalhousie South Park. The nearby, soon to be built park at Norman and Rochester is expected to include a splash pad and a partial basketball court. These may reduce the need for such amenities here. The park will also be relatively small, at 85 by 180 feet in size, which may limit some options.

To provide input into the park, you can open up the ideas wall on the project page, or email Canada Lands: info@clc-sic.ca. The consultation will remain open until April 15th.

For more information on the park, please see our recent Glebe Report article.

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